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Capped Cards Game Setting
Along side fixed cards and increasing cards, we now have capped cards.
Admin 19 25681
11 Apr 2024, 11:58 am
by Dima
Limitless Live Game Fortnight, new features, and map updates
We share an overview of all the work we've done over the past few months, and have an exciting announcement about live games this summer
Cireon 10 5931
02 Sep 2022, 08:50 pm
by TMKing
Server performance and map updates
A quick overview on what we've done on server performance, how you can help, and some exciting map updates!
Cireon 7 9213
10 Jul 2020, 03:45 am
by NicoHay9
Help for the Colorblind, Decaying Neutrals, Resign Button
also troop amount selection options bug fix
Admin 23 38754
11 Jan 2020, 04:23 pm
by Matty
Changes to being kicked for missing turns.
If you are kicked for missing too many turns, you will now be unable to join a new game for some time.
Cireon 8 10174
13 Jan 2019, 11:21 pm
by reflex420
Website update and more
Information about the website update, browser support, and long term games.
Cireon 5 4792
13 Dec 2018, 10:20 pm
by Cireon
Server downtime Monday May 28
Cireon 20 16990
10 Jun 2018, 05:37 am
by elysium5
It's a lot easier to start a tournament now!
Matty 13 11820
30 Apr 2018, 03:56 pm
by Matty
We've been hacked
You may want to change your passwords.
Matty 23 31533
06 Jan 2018, 10:34 pm
by johnnybto
Today's breakage
Cireon 1 3064
29 Dec 2017, 07:11 pm
by Cireon
Assassination game mode
A new game mode: kill a target to win!
Matty 16 30362
13 Feb 2017, 08:44 pm
by Matty
Certificate issues
Dominating 12 was suffering from some issues with its SSL certificate, but these have now been resolved.
Cireon 2 6180
13 Apr 2016, 07:06 pm
by aeronautic
New website
An overview of the largest changes, the current status, and plans for the future.
Admin 8 20924
16 Feb 2016, 12:17 pm
by aeronautic
Server migration: current state
The latest update and information about the sever migration.
Cireon 17 31032
06 Feb 2016, 02:22 am
by WFMstereo
Server downtime: site migration
The site will encounter several hours of complete downtime (Tuesday, January 12) to migrate to a new codebase.
Matty 20 32975
18 Jan 2016, 03:53 pm
by PsymonStark
Live games
New policy change regarding live game limits.
Vexer 16 26340
13 Jan 2016, 08:58 am
by Hoodlum
Password Protected Games
Now Available
Holt 3 6253
06 Oct 2015, 06:12 am
by Quadrod
Join Game Tab, Team Games, Balanced Dice, Interface Changes
Also, new maps, the dominating 12, bug fixes, advanced cards, game attendants, turn alerts, sticky messages, 9p Capitals
Vexer 10 17793
21 Sep 2015, 11:50 pm
by MrPelican11
Reputation Scores, Solar System Map
also, inviting to game from the members list, marking messages as unread
Vexer 7 13735
24 May 2014, 05:35 pm
by naathim
Card Turn In Rule Change
In order to turn in a set after defeating a player you will now need 5 cards or more.
Vexer 12 21400
05 May 2014, 02:37 pm
by jollitycretin