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Cireon wrote:
Between last evening 11:00 pm and this morning 11:00 am GMT (server time), it was impossible to click on any territories in games. This was caused by new functionality that was added to support our map editors in their map aid. We reuse the logic between the map editor and in-game map display, and due to a small error I made, I blocked all territories for clicking. This morning, I was able to roll back the code changes this morning to bring the game back to normal functionality.

Luckily the staff caught the error early and made sure all turn timers were extended until after the code was fixed. If you still feel your game has been negatively impacted by this breakage, feel free to send me a message with the game link once the game has finished and I can return the points.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and I'll be more careful with pushing changes to the server just before going to bed :$
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