The dominating 12

Periodically the list of the best players on the site is published. The 12 best players on this list can call themselves the dominating 12 and receive black avatar banners. They are also invited to play the dominator game: a special game organised where the best of the best face off. The winner of this game will receive the dominator rank, double points and a month free premium.
To get on this list you need to have at least 30 games played in total and at least 5 games played in the last 15 days.

The current dominating 12 are:

  1. slackbatter
  2. periwinkle
  3. Irob
  4. JoeySe7en
  5. bluebonnet
  6. dough_boy   Hooray for our dominator!
  7. 1949midden
  8. Rockbert
  9. maafi
  10. biso
  11. Tihi
  12. ajsbus

Go to the full list or the previous dominators.