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  • 24 Sep, 12:15 pm
    B4rny: (what is he still doing here) Joeyseven.
  • 24 Sep, 12:17 pm
    B4rny: There should be a different ranking, making between teamgames and non-teamgames. Also, The (very) skilled teamgame players, rarely play each other, but like to play newbies. Scared to lose their points...
  • 24 Sep, 12:20 pm
    B4rny: *distinguish between
  • 24 Sep, 05:01 pm
    periwinkle: I agree but unfortunately there isn't. 
  • 24 Sep, 05:04 pm
    periwinkle: Me and my peeps are very much aware that there are a few players that exclusively just play noobs in either setting....and the system here makes it easy for them. 
  • 24 Sep, 05:05 pm
    periwinkle: At my old digs, it wasn't possible to farm points exclusively off noobs. In fact the system at our old digs was designed to encourage vet players to team up with noobs to increase their point winnings.
  • 24 Sep, 05:06 pm
    periwinkle: So there was a jedi master/padawan feel there. 
  • 24 Sep, 05:08 pm
    periwinkle: I'm not going to propose that system here...but there is another way to fill the dominator list with more honourable players.
  • 24 Sep, 05:09 pm
    periwinkle: I've been offering rating points prizes through tournaments. Eventually players that consistently do well in these tournaments will out score a point farmer. 
  • 24 Sep, 05:11 pm
    periwinkle: It takes time....but regular players here knows who are skilled and who are not. But does that really matter? I'm here to have fun. 
  • 24 Sep, 05:12 pm
    periwinkle: If that bothers you...then message me and I'll invite you to a few of my team games...yes you will be on my team....and ill show you a trick or two :)
  • 24 Sep, 05:12 pm
    TMKing: Occupy the Hierarchy! Down with the system! 
  • 24 Sep, 05:13 pm
    periwinkle: Lol
  • 24 Sep, 05:14 pm
    periwinkle: And yes, we do play against each just haven't been around to witness.
  • 24 Sep, 05:21 pm
    periwinkle: Here is a game we just finished up and we started another.
  • 24 Sep, 05:21 pm
    periwinkle: love engel's comments at the end.
  • 24 Sep, 05:59 pm
    periwinkle: @B4rny....I guess you meant this?
  • 24 Sep, 06:03 pm
    periwinkle: Another player (starting with v) has me and my peeps on his avoid list. Kinda funny since I only time I played against him, we won. I guess he didn't like
  • 24 Sep, 06:52 pm
    Axobongo: Getting points and rank is a separate game played here, it captures the interest of the majority,,,
  • 24 Sep, 06:55 pm
    Axobongo: That’s why I am positive that if Live games had its own ranking, or at least Dom listing, many high tankers would return to conquer the Live game arena to prove their skill
  • 24 Sep, 06:57 pm
    Axobongo: Getting high point/rank in D12 can be done with medium skills ,by various means, it’s much harder getting high rank through Live games
  • 24 Sep, 07:26 pm
    periwinkle: Yup...totally agree
  • 24 Sep, 08:24 pm
    B4rny: @peri: indeed, that kind of games. That goes for teamgames, as well for live games setting a password inviting only newbies. Sad, really sad.
  • 24 Sep, 08:25 pm
    B4rny: @Axo: yes indeed, for example: for every 5 long term games played: you need to play a live game. But that will never happen, and i do understand that too. But something has to change, to stop point-farming-addicts.
  • 25 Sep, 01:08 am
    Axobongo: Yes, and to get Live game activity up again,, it the flagship of the site
  • 25 Sep, 11:37 am
  • 25 Sep, 06:32 pm
    MarshyMotty: MarshyMotty: Moron (MarshyMotty) attacked Las Tunas (gmcclel) killing 3, losing 17. Seriously - is this even mathematically possible?
  • 25 Sep, 07:25 pm
    OldDogGen: yes, ive had worse
  • 26 Sep, 11:44 am
    Abs: There is zero appeal in any higher ranked players playing in them as they only get targeted
  • 26 Sep, 11:50 am
    begold: You can always set a ratings limit, Abs
  • 26 Sep, 11:52 am
    begold: But I agree, it's super frustrating to play a long, multiplayer live game and then get run over by amateurish play
  • 26 Sep, 03:20 pm
    TMKing: this site would be a good platform for ulcer medication manufacturers
  • 26 Sep, 03:55 pm
    periwinkle: @TMKing.....bahahahahahaha
  • 26 Sep, 08:43 pm
    Tennesseelogman: Tennesseelogman: there was a bowl of apples at the front of the lunch line at the catholic school. one of the nuns had written a note and put it next to the apples that read " take only 1 apple - - God is watching " 25 S
  • 26 Sep, 08:44 pm
    Tennesseelogman: at the end of the line was a bowl of chocolate chip cookies - there was a note there also but written by one of the students - -it said "take as many as you want - God is watching the apples"
  • 27 Sep, 12:48 am
    sfclimbers: LOL, hillarious!
  • 27 Sep, 02:41 am
    Axobongo: When live games are plenty, losing one isn’t as bad and you get to try again
  • 27 Sep, 02:45 am
    Axobongo: Our brain chemicals give us a reward for winning a well played live game, a reward made stronger by all the losses we experience
  • 27 Sep, 01:01 pm
  • 27 Sep, 01:53 pm
    Rockbert: The battle for New York is here!
  • 27 Sep, 06:56 pm
    MarshyMotty: Eastern United States (clydesdale444) attacked Central America (MarshyMotty) conquering it, killing 9, losing 2.
  • 27 Sep, 06:57 pm
    MarshyMotty: here is one for the conspiracy theorists....
  • 27 Sep, 06:57 pm
    MarshyMotty: Iceland (MarshyMotty) attacked Greenland (clydesdale444) killing 1, losing 8.
  • 27 Sep, 06:58 pm
    MarshyMotty: this player has played 40,000+ games...and was losing till these dice happened. you tell me....
  • 27 Sep, 06:59 pm
    MarshyMotty: joke
  • 27 Sep, 06:59 pm
    MarshyMotty: wonder why people leave the site
  • 27 Sep, 07:54 pm
    cbt711: Lol or diddly kill 1 lose 11 just now
  • 27 Sep, 10:52 pm
    IsolatedBadger: come join a 4v4 - you're almost guaranteed to win!
  • 27 Sep, 10:52 pm
  • 28 Sep, 12:08 am
    Axobongo: … I think they leave because they run out of tokens and don’t want to become beggars
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This gametype requires that you completely wipe out a player's territories in order to defeat him.Deathmatch
This card turn-in value means the value of the cards will go up each time someone turns in a set. The first set is worth 4 troops, then 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and will continue to go up by 5 each additional time.Increasing
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