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  • 17 Aug, 02:55 am
    taras: so yeah it happens a lot more than 0.04%, but it'll happen in real life, too
  • 17 Aug, 04:25 pm
    TP_knighty: whats the deal exactly here not sure someone help me out but does everyone now with a rank scared to play live lol
  • 17 Aug, 04:26 pm
  • 18 Aug, 03:01 pm
  • 18 Aug, 09:22 pm
    sharpe: live game on tp
  • 18 Aug, 10:35 pm
    atlantis: so Im banned for saying what I think , better if you call it dictature 12
  • 18 Aug, 10:53 pm
    atlantis: and kick me out of a tournament , great wasnt enough with steal my games with a fake dice , you have to erase my to not see me winning
  • 19 Aug, 12:55 am
    elysium5: You have a 2 player game only restriction on your account because your attendance score is low. Get it back over 90 and the restriction can be lifted.
  • 19 Aug, 12:56 am
    elysium5: As for the dice, I believe tin foil hats will soon be available for purchase in the shop:
  • 19 Aug, 08:40 pm
    atlantis: ok , santa klaus
  • 19 Aug, 08:42 pm
    atlantis: do you know what is your mistake , to put the game log so everyone can see the truth
  • 19 Aug, 09:18 pm
    TP_knighty: so santa clause huh so long playing here and didnt know that well if thats the case i want some new polished dice if possible jsut please dont forget let it be on all 6 sides only 6 no other numbers hehe :P
  • 19 Aug, 11:13 pm
    k0canada613: That’s greedy tp I am good with but no 1s or 2s on my dice rarely roll 3s and 4s lol
  • 20 Aug, 07:14 am
  • 20 Aug, 10:06 am
    TP_knighty: meh back to conquer club thx
  • 20 Aug, 10:06 am
    TP_knighty: why prohibite me from playing only 2plauyer games when no trafic at all anyways
  • 20 Aug, 10:06 am
    TP_knighty: is not like i idid it on purpose meh zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • 20 Aug, 10:06 am
    TP_knighty: so much for premium
  • 20 Aug, 10:31 am
    Hoodlum: was it an accident?
  • 20 Aug, 10:33 am
    TP_knighty: im not going in details with my rl no but its jsut weird i had it for 10 days free now someone got jeouse and decide to put restrrictions on it
  • 20 Aug, 10:33 am
    TP_knighty: jelouse*
  • 20 Aug, 01:33 pm
    TP_knighty: okey i understaand thx for explanation i guess im doomed till october
  • 20 Aug, 01:41 pm
    TP_knighty: :C lol
  • 20 Aug, 02:48 pm
    TP_knighty: hummmmm now i see 99 fair play why am i thinkking it was 100 before i dare to call out to pm me who reprted me not sure if admins tell us these secrets eheh xd
  • 20 Aug, 04:11 pm
    TP_knighty: omg this is tiring
  • 20 Aug, 04:12 pm
    TP_knighty: im so upset ill probably put after i do all admins on avoid for nomercy ^^
  • 20 Aug, 04:59 pm
    ruffrider: who are you talking to, TP?
  • 20 Aug, 08:36 pm
  • 20 Aug, 10:22 pm
    TP_knighty: this is torture arghh wonder what number i must reach to get off of this restriction lol
  • 20 Aug, 10:23 pm
    TP_knighty: must be 85 since looks like crossbones can play with it ;)
  • 20 Aug, 10:23 pm
    TP_knighty: 38 to go :P
  • 21 Aug, 09:31 am
    JD-Tokugawa: does anyone do live speed games?
  • 21 Aug, 11:03 am
    Jimi: TP, where have you been
  • 21 Aug, 11:04 am
    TP_knighty: hey xd
  • 21 Aug, 04:21 pm
    TP_knighty: <<<<<such anoobie - figured out after quite some time that filter of lt games is set to not seeing rating limititation games unless u unmark it weird thou i think
  • 21 Aug, 04:21 pm
    TP_knighty: was thinkin gtill now that games that are not shown are only duplicates lol
  • 21 Aug, 08:34 pm
  • 21 Aug, 08:34 pm
    TP_knighty: brb later i make it hehe xd
  • 21 Aug, 11:07 pm
    TP_knighty: okey attendance score back up to 95 can one of you guys please hook me up and terminate my restriction to play only 2p games thx xd
  • 21 Aug, 11:41 pm
  • 22 Aug, 03:54 am
    BigRooster: saaaa boyyzzz
  • 22 Aug, 04:47 pm
    HannibalTunsi: you pay you...
  • 22 Aug, 05:30 pm
    elysium5: @ HannibalTunsi, You should try resigning more. You have only resigned 792 times in the 889 games you lost.
  • 22 Aug, 05:31 pm
    elysium5: Also, you didn't pay for the 872 games you won so I do not understand the logic of your statement.
  • 22 Aug, 06:53 pm
    atlantis: how do you see the attendance
  • 22 Aug, 06:57 pm
    atlantis: please send me when I lose attendance because Im not agree
  • 22 Aug, 07:06 pm
    Hoodlum: just click on your name. attendance is the most accurate score on the site
  • 22 Aug, 07:19 pm
    atlantis: if I have low attendance means I lose some turns ,rigth ?
  • 22 Aug, 07:20 pm
    atlantis: How I see wich turns I miss?
  • 22 Aug, 07:48 pm
    Hoodlum: game log will show it
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This gametype requires that you completely wipe out a player's territories in order to defeat him.Deathmatch
This card turn-in value means the value of the cards will go up each time someone turns in a set. The first set is worth 4 troops, then 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and will continue to go up by 5 each additional time.Increasing
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With this option turning in a set after defeating a player requires 5+ cards.Normal
Fog of war:
This is a game setting. If turned on then you will not be able to see any territory that is not next to a territory owned by you. The log also will only show the start and end of turns.No
A fortification setting that allows you to move only one time from one of your territories to another territory that is connected to it through a chain of territories that you own, without crossing any territories you do not own.Chained
A turn order setting in which each player's turn is taken one after the other.Consecutive
World Classic
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