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  • 05 Jul, 09:18 pm
    Axobongo: If this the best Risk site in the WORLD has population decline,, there Must be discernible reasons
  • 06 Jul, 04:29 pm
    dark_star: Ranking system (should be different ranks for different game types, and then a composite for overall. Live should be separate. A lot of people won’t play live now), game tokens (preventing people from playing games),
  • 06 Jul, 04:33 pm
    dark_star: There are ways to gamify overall performance (I.e., badges or bonuses for certain actions. Like clearing an entire map in a turn)
  • 06 Jul, 04:37 pm
    dark_star: The ranking one is pretty obvious. Almost any game site with different modes has separate ranks for them. The top player rankings don’t really make sense. Not saying that the people at the top aren’t excellent. M
  • 06 Jul, 04:37 pm
    dark_star: They are definitely better than me. But the ranking system encourages specialization
  • 06 Jul, 04:38 pm
    dark_star: Which prevents people from being incentivized to play game types where they have a slightly worse chance of winning
  • 06 Jul, 04:40 pm
    dark_star: There should also be a rapid game option (1 or 2 minutes). Like speed chess
  • 06 Jul, 04:41 pm
    dark_star: Axo would hate it, but it would guarantee quicker live games, and sometimes that is the barrier
  • 06 Jul, 04:50 pm
    dark_star: Love the game and the developers/ admins do a great job. Those are just my two cents. Would be happy to discuss UI/UC and monetization models
  • 06 Jul, 04:50 pm
    dark_star: *UX
  • 06 Jul, 07:06 pm
    Kill2Lose7: I would love an option to cap total troops in capped bonus games. Ending troop count cannot exceed some multiplier of the capped bonus. Forces action rather than just amassing troops with no end game.
  • 06 Jul, 09:03 pm
    Tennesseelogman: not only in capped games - how about a use them or loose them cap
  • 06 Jul, 09:38 pm
    Crossbones: And the algotithm changed so that nobody could start with an entire continent!
  • 06 Jul, 10:00 pm
    Axobongo: I do think trying to play a multiplayer game like “speed chess” is absurdly twisted, but may be a lark once a blue moon,, and I think 4 min turn option would be a smart addition. .......
  • 06 Jul, 10:01 pm
    Axobongo: But I’m sure turn time options have nothing to do with population decline.
  • 06 Jul, 10:06 pm
    Axobongo: I do agree, dark star, that tokens problems and daily game limits disillusion new people from continuing , and that for some, rank is an issue that plays a role in this
  • 06 Jul, 10:17 pm
    Crossbones: once again the notification didn't come on so I lost the game and have time out for 30 minutes. This sucks.
  • 07 Jul, 01:23 am
    Axobongo:  —that’s why I’m for a No Rank game setting ) . Promotional Live MP games, site hosted, for prizes and rewards might generate new interest in Live activity and addictions
  • 07 Jul, 09:06 pm
    dgodsell: Hey all, anyone have 700 tokens to spare so I can purchase my next promotion?
  • 07 Jul, 09:07 pm
    dgodsell: (I've donated to others for the same reason before (e.g., albeblckbrd), so hopefully not inappropriate to ask the same)
  • 07 Jul, 09:34 pm
    dgodsell: 10,000 tokens much appreciated, MLTurner! Will pay it forward.
  • 07 Jul, 11:04 pm
    dark_star: ^^ should not need ‘tokens’ for a rank IMO.
  • 09 Jul, 10:23 am
    lobesy: what cross bones said me too now im time out this is so dumb man
  • 11 Jul, 09:24 am
  • 11 Jul, 09:25 am
    Ready4war: Cawtey really put me on avoid for this
  • 11 Jul, 09:28 am
    Ready4war: Nvm cawteys cool. Feww.. *wipes sweat off head*
  • 11 Jul, 05:25 pm
    KramJ86: confetti dude is the new nikola
  • 14 Jul, 07:03 am
    Axobongo: Oh man, missed!  Missed it by That much..
  • 14 Jul, 09:26 pm
    IrisPostTempestates: And now it looks nothing short of divine intervention protecting him, while producing the most glorious photo in US political history. The contrast with the sewer creature who shot him couldn't be more symbolic
  • 14 Jul, 10:07 pm
    Tennesseelogman: i do not yet understand how the sharp shooters were able to shoot him within 3 seconds. they must have already had him in their sights. why didn't they shoot him before he shot if they saw a gun?
  • 14 Jul, 10:19 pm
    Axobongo: Optics over substance. Zealot goggles spin everything. Lifeless bystander disagrees with “divine” assessment.
  • 14 Jul, 11:26 pm
    IrisPostTempestates: Is your lamenting over a failed assassination optics or substance?
  • 15 Jul, 01:04 am
    Axobongo: That sounds like the kind of question secret police would ask
  • 15 Jul, 10:38 pm
    IrisPostTempestates: Not sure Tennessee - I think they're all assigned specific areas so the sharpshooter would've been focused on that area at all times - then when he rose over the ledge to shoot Trump, the sharpshooter clearly saw
  • 16 Jul, 09:51 am
    anuorre: May he live, prosper and multiply!
  • 16 Jul, 09:51 am
    anuorre: All hail the king!
  • 17 Jul, 04:08 am
    Axobongo: ...because the world needs another Russia?
  • 17 Jul, 03:22 pm
    Crywolf: The sharpshooter was already of the killer, but was ordered to hold off by a higher person
  • 17 Jul, 03:22 pm
    Crywolf: * already aware
  • 17 Jul, 03:24 pm
    Crywolf: the sharpshooter got fired but not the person who said to hold off and wait
  • 17 Jul, 05:55 pm
    IrisPostTempestates: If anyone really knows what happened, it's being kept private. "Slanted roof too scary" and refusal to take accountability suggests worse than incompetence though
  • 17 Jul, 10:17 pm
    ttranbar: it is always something to lose so many in a row, no dice, no drop, no regions, just death lol
  • 18 Jul, 02:11 pm
    KramJ86: whens the next d12 rating occur? i have had a good run here and need it!
  • 18 Jul, 02:11 pm
    KramJ86: or rank rather
  • 19 Jul, 09:23 am
    BigBrain94: can anyone explain what 'advanced cards' means? tia
  • 19 Jul, 01:44 pm
    Hoodlum: If you kill someone for their cards and you get a set, you can trade even with 3 cards. eg: you have 1 red card. you kill a player who has 2 red cards. you can turn in those set of cards on that same turn
  • 19 Jul, 01:45 pm
    Hoodlum: instead of the standard, 5 cards you would normally need to be able to turn in a set after a kill
  • 19 Jul, 01:46 pm
  • 19 Jul, 07:16 pm
    BigBrain94: thank you!
  • 20 Jul, 06:01 am
    Axobongo: It’s a fun setting. However I never thought “advanced” was the best name for it. It may signify one can “advance” with a trade ? But it sounds like a setting for “advanced” players.
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