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  • 18 Nov, 08:19 pm
    deathblues: im ok, i love team games
  • 18 Nov, 08:20 pm
    deathblues: im on it
  • 18 Nov, 08:20 pm
    deathblues: missing one, come try it
  • 18 Nov, 09:01 pm
  • 18 Nov, 09:01 pm
    EvilSinner666: CMON 10-15 PEOPLE DEATHMATCH!!!!!!!
  • 18 Nov, 09:01 pm
    EvilSinner666: on world inverted or expanded!!!!!!!
  • 18 Nov, 09:02 pm
    EvilSinner666: who is up for it???? who creates?????? i dont want to create, cuz i think i am not popular enough
  • 18 Nov, 10:50 pm
    Damage Inc.: Well Hoodlum, if you did then you will agree at just how bad it is.... It is almost impossible to get a game without the classic stuff... the stats show that.
  • 18 Nov, 10:50 pm
    Damage Inc.: Nice to know you agree
  • 18 Nov, 10:50 pm
    Damage Inc.: Love the blind argument, lmao
  • 18 Nov, 10:50 pm
    Damage Inc.: as usual
  • 18 Nov, 10:51 pm
    Damage Inc.: I talk positively about exciting maps and cool settings, and you try to be negative and defend the status quo
  • 18 Nov, 10:52 pm
    Damage Inc.: guess its just a choice thing, some of us embrace life and variety, and some are negative and arrogant, personally I cant imagine to be like you, and it would seem you share the same sentiment
  • 18 Nov, 11:05 pm
    Damage Inc.: Lets see if HOODLUM knows what he is talking about, or if he has a problem with the truth... My last 4 games, (good idea BTW, go to the stats), just the past 4, featured 1 game with CLASSIC map, 1 with world reduced,
  • 18 Nov, 11:06 pm
    Damage Inc.: 1 with AUSTRALIAASIA, and on with TIMOR... likewise the bonuses were.. Capped at 10, No cards, No cards, and No cards
  • 18 Nov, 11:07 pm
    Damage Inc.: and even the re-enforments were both chained and adjacent, so WHAT ARE YOU FLAPPING YOUR GUMS ABOUT?
  • 18 Nov, 11:07 pm
    Damage Inc.: God I hate people who have no clue what they are talking about
  • 18 Nov, 11:07 pm
    Damage Inc.: UNLESS you cant read, and in that case, I apologize
  • 18 Nov, 11:28 pm
    Hoodlum: damage. you are able to create games. just use the creat a game option.
  • 19 Nov, 12:31 am
    WeedMan: This chat has to be the most autistic thing I've read in probably a solid 8 months
  • 19 Nov, 02:21 am
    SpamFree: I'm not that popular, but I still create, from time to time. Granted it can take hours (or days) to fill a game sometimes. Create it. Be patient. It will fill, eventually :thumbs:
  • 19 Nov, 07:33 am
  • 19 Nov, 03:20 pm
    wylde482: Just curious how many of you played the old PC risk gameon mplayer and used Cases ladder for tourneys and rank?
  • 19 Nov, 03:21 pm
  • 19 Nov, 04:55 pm
    SpamFree: If they can't read, what good is a written apology? ;)
  • 19 Nov, 05:06 pm
    Hoodlum: i did wylde. i ran some of those ladders
  • 19 Nov, 05:07 pm
    Hoodlum:  is the original
  • 19 Nov, 05:08 pm
    Hoodlum: that was on msn zone. then the risk2 crowd moved to warzone server.. both dead now
  • 19 Nov, 10:03 pm
    Damage Inc.: You can create all the games you want, but when they are unjoined with 40 people online, then that backs up my original position
  • 19 Nov, 10:03 pm
    Damage Inc.: Best way out for you HOODLUM is to shut up, lmao
  • 19 Nov, 10:04 pm
    Damage Inc.: unreal
  • 19 Nov, 10:04 pm
    Damage Inc.: but I do love the infantile reaction to being wrong, and getting caught running your mouth. Thank you for playing, please try another angle, or learn to read
  • 20 Nov, 12:35 am
    Hoodlum: cool.
  • 20 Nov, 12:40 am
    Hoodlum: Please just use the forums for suggestions/feedback. spamming the same things/concerns/complaints whining constantly or maybe trolling in the live chat is not what this live chat is intended for. thanks
  • 20 Nov, 12:46 am
  • 20 Nov, 01:47 pm
    SpamFree: Without complaints Live Chat is a bit barren
  • 20 Nov, 02:15 pm
    NotSoFast: i do not have enough tokens to play :( . How can i gain tokens?
  • 20 Nov, 03:12 pm
    jonesy3204: You have to message Hoodlum. Then he will send
  • 20 Nov, 04:09 pm
    ruffrider: lol
  • 20 Nov, 05:40 pm
    jonesy3204: haha. Hoodlum will like that one ;)
  • 20 Nov, 08:34 pm
    NotSoFast: Hey Hoodie, can you help a brother out?
  • 20 Nov, 08:40 pm
    Hoodlum: lol lot's a messages thanks
  • 20 Nov, 09:00 pm
    ruffrider: jonesy the troublemaker lol
  • 20 Nov, 11:55 pm
    The-Mad-Beaver: hood is talking 'cave man' again
  • 22 Nov, 01:54 am
    DraconaOrden: No new games for me ,im honestly unhappy with alghoritam and dices what i get in the past.I take it so hard...that will keep me away from games for a long time
  • 22 Nov, 02:01 am
    DraconaOrden: Just dont try to giving me a fake explanations.
  • 22 Nov, 02:50 am
    FraSur: right
  • 22 Nov, 02:53 am
    Damage Inc.: Id say I bothered to read anything you wrote HOODLUM, but then Id be lying aws much as you. Not worth even reviewing till you can get a handle on the truth
  • 22 Nov, 02:53 am
    Damage Inc.: lmao. but thanks for playing!
  • 22 Nov, 03:45 am
    elysium5: If you are not going to bother reading the proper forum/posts, that's fine but quit spamming the chat, then, please.
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This gametype requires that you completely wipe out a player's territories in order to defeat him.Deathmatch
This card turn-in value means the value of the cards will go up each time someone turns in a set. The first set is worth 4 troops, then 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 and will continue to go up by 5 each additional time.Increasing
Card turn in:
With this option turning in a set after defeating a player requires 5+ cards.Normal
Fog of war:
This is a game setting. If turned on then you will not be able to see any territory that is not next to a territory owned by you. The log also will only show the start and end of turns.No
A fortification setting that allows you to move only one time from one of your territories to another territory that is connected to it through a chain of territories that you own, without crossing any territories you do not own.Chained
A turn order setting in which all players take their turn at the same time each round. This setting is labeled as beta, play it at your own risk. Same time
Ancient Greece
No teams, everyone for themselves.Free for all
Dice are rolled using a computer algorithm that doubles the chances of each side losing 1 army in a 3 dice vs. 2 dice battle.Balanced
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3 minutes
No limit
1/2 players
3m3 minute turns
Balanced dice

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