Europe Map Masters

8 points for DeathMatch (8 player)
8 points for Domination (8 player)
8 points for Capitals (8 player)
8 points for Assassination (8 player)
1 point for a 1v1

1. @lazer36 (RED)
2. @GM_Archiee (ORANGE)
3. @The-Mad-Beaver (BLUE)
4. @momagajic (PURPLE)
5. @KOE_KittyKat (BLACK)
6. @dough_boy (GREEN)
7. @andymech (CYAN)
8. @Xixi2 (YELLOW)
Token$ Prize 1500 (Hoodlum - auto Donation 1000) (maafi auto Donation 500) *donations accepted *
All players are added to games by me and are free.
*First turns in game may be extended or paused.

Organiser: Hoodlum


Classic Risk Tournament.

Settings. World Classic / Fixed cards (8) / 6 players.

18 players required. Each player will have 2 games to earn as many points to qualify for the final.

In the final, points are reset.

Points system.
Points per game.

Eliminated 1st = 0 points
Eliminated 2nd = 1 points
Eliminated 3rd = 2 points
Eliminated 4th = 3 points
Eliminated 5th = 4 points
Winner = 10 points

Rules. Play to win your own game.

Organiser: Hoodlum

Pairs Tournament III

Teams & Players (click to show)


How the scoring works
Round Robin of 2v2 games. 24 teams (Play every Team). Each win is worth 2 points
1x 2v2v2 game worth 6 points
1x2v2v2v2 game worth 8 points

Organiser: Hoodlum

The Master Assassin

A giant game of Assassination! You get given a target you have to kill and when you kill them they are knocked out the tournament and you get a new target! But beware, someone has your name is is trying to kill you! The winner is last man standing.

There will be token rewards for winner, second place and player with most games won.

Organisers: Madagascarter, Hoodlum
Forum thread: The Master Assassin