World Inverted Tournament #13

World Inverted Tournament Tournament #13

8 points for DeathMatch (9 player)
8 points for Dominating (9 player)
8 points for Capitals (9 player)
8 points for Assassination (9 player)
1 point for a 1v1

1 @dough_boy
2 @Hoodlum
3 @GM_Archiee
4 @elysium5
5 @mxDev
6 @k0canada613
7 @GeneralHalsey
8 @ruffrider

Prize. Earn your name on the map.

Organiser: Hoodlum

The Resurrection of the roman empire

first we play all the games on mediteranean, then on italy.

Due to more participants than expected (15 instead of 12) , we will play more than 24 games for every map.

15 People, attendance score not below 80.

6p games: deathmatch capped 20 fog.

30 games on Mediteranean map
30 games on Italy map (the games on this map might have 7-8 players, i ll think later on this).

Dont worry about stalemates; in the last Tournament there was not a single stalemate; also in general stalemates happen rarely in capped fog games (just as often as with increasing cards).

Organiser: EvilSinner666

Capitals Tournament 8

Capitals Tournament VIII

Spoiler (click to show)

Organiser: Hoodlum
Forum thread: Capitals Tournament

3rd Conquest of the Mediteranean

the 3 remaining games will be held between the leading players; to prevent two or more people being on the same place, so we have a clear winner

1) EvilSinner666
2) roy12345
3) KoE_Doja
4) LuckyRolls
5) Sygmassacre
6) dough_boy
7) GM_Archiee
8) Connorkey
9) catpere
10) Ready4war
11) Ilike2play
12) atlantis

Organiser: EvilSinner666

1v1 Tournament


Double Elimination 1v1 DeathMatch Tournament. Hoodlum Donating 5000 tokens to winner. 100 points to overall winner.
# of players depends on interest.

There will be 5 games each per opponent for each round. The winner moves on when he/she wins 3 outta 5. I (organizer) will add you manually to games, and adjust results.

Entry conditions. All players allowed to join the tournament, Just say you are in. high attendance reputation will get priority to secure spots if the situation arises of last spots.


seeds will be shuffled at start of tournament
01. @Hoodlum
02. @simomosi
03 @KoE_Doja
04 @Connorkey
05 @dough_boy
06 @GM_Archiee
07 @Blizzard
08 @Valhalla
09 @dwcalvert
10 @SerbianBoy
11 @ScuddersFalls
12 @Tennesseelogman
13 @catpere
14 @otter
15 @GeneralHalsey
16 @atlantis
17 @criacuervos
18 @PeacefulWarrior
19 @BLAH21
20 @cawtey101
21 @GeneralGrim
22 @k0canada613
23 @elysium5
24 @Sygmassacre
25 @Riskk
26 @cesarrr_rc
27 @Clarke
28 @gingersbelike
29 @kramerq
30 @clydesdale444
31 @Monte485
32 @hooboy11

Organiser: Hoodlum

The Second Conquest of the Mediteranean

12 People, attendance score not below 80.

one 6p game: capitals increasing fog.
one 6p game: capitals increasing.
ten 6p games: deathmatch capped 20 fog.

As you can see i have changed the settings. In the past tournament there were problems with capped non-fog games, so i removed them from the tournament.

Organiser: EvilSinner666

Assassination Tournament 3

Assassination Tournament. Assassination mode. There can be only 1!
250 tokens for each win.
Elimination Format.
Spoiler (click to show)

1 @Sygmassacre
2 @Jimi
3 @mxDev
4 @@Hoodlum Eliminated by @elysium5
5 @simomosi
6 @@dough_boy Eliminated by @Jimi
7 @lazer36
8 @@RedArmy Eliminated by @Jimi
9 @GM_Archiee
10 @KOE_KittyKat
11 @Davor
12 @elysium5
13 @KoE_Doja
14 @k0canada613
15 @@Machine55Eliminated by @Davor
16 @FergMan
17 @Hamilton
18 @Drac
19 @Whisp
20 @stoutadam
21 @@The_Mad_Beaver Eliminated by @Fergman *
22 @@goryh Eliminated by @elysium5
23 @vorple
24 @@cesarrr_rc Eliminated by @Jimi
25 @otter
26 @@Valhalla Eliminated by @KoE_KittyKat
27 @@Riskk Eliminated by @Lazer36

Organiser: Hoodlum

Sametime Tournament

Settings: Live games, Sametime, Deathmatch, Fog of War, Chained
Prize: 15000 tokens + further donations

Tournament format: (click to show)

Group A

Group B

List of Round 1 games: (click to show)

Organisers: Virtuosity98, Hoodlum
Forum thread: Same Time Tournament


Classic Risk Tournament.

Settings. World Classic / Fixed cards (8) / 6 players.

18 players required. Each player will have 2 games to earn as many points to qualify for the final.

In the final, points are reset.

Points system.
Points per game.

Eliminated 1st = 0 points
Eliminated 2nd = 1 points
Eliminated 3rd = 2 points
Eliminated 4th = 3 points
Eliminated 5th = 4 points
Winner = 10 points

Rules. Play to win your own game.

Organiser: Hoodlum

The Dominating 12

The Dominating 12
Archived Games (click to show)

Current Dominator slackbatter[image]

Organisers: elysium5, maafi, Hoodlum
Forum thread: The Dominating 12