King of Ranks

The idea is to get 6 players from each (rank Group) as it is shown in the table below - from private to General-
(the first 6 registered players from the rank group will play the tournament)
(Private- master corporal) Group 1

(Command corporal- command sergeant) Group 2

(sergeant major- chief warrant officer) group 3

(2nd Lieut- Captain) group 4

(major- Colonel) group 5

(Brig General- General) Group 6
The players will play 4 games between there peers in the same rank group
Deathmatch 6 points
Cap 4 points
Assassination 3 points
Dom 3 points

the winner of each game gets the points above, and the one with the highest points goes to the playoffs

 the winners from each category play another 4 games, the same pointing system applied until we have the King of Ranks winner.

Prize: 1-month free premium 2000 Tokens and bragging rights

Organisers: Jimi, Hoodlum
Forum thread: King of Ranks

1v1 Death Match Tournament (Round Robin)

Tournament Bracket

PLAYER LIST (click to show)


Pool A Players (click to show)

Pool B Players (click to show)

Pool C Players (click to show)

Pool D Players (click to show)


Finalists (click to show)

Organiser: Hoodlum

World Inverted Tournament Tournament #4

World Inverted Tournament Tournament #4

9 points for DeathMatch (9 player)
9 points for Dominating (9 player)
9 points for Capitals (9 player)
9 points for Assassination (9 player)
1 point for a 1v1

01. @GeneralHalsey
02. @Durandalblue
03. @lazer36
04. @alphax211
05. @Vicious
06. @Madagascarter
07. @Drac
08. @MuzuaneAskari
09. @paceme

Organiser: Hoodlum

Pairs Tournament - Double Elimination

Pairs Tournament (Season 2 - Tournament 4)

**not all games listed are displayed due to beta bug.

Bracket will be shuffled when game starts

01. GrandMasters @Hoodlum & @Vicious
02. Legion of Doom @ruffrider & @jonesy3204
03. Pathetic Trick @tzor & @patetico  WINNERS!!
04. Dream Team @descarado & @paceme
05. DOMINATION INC @huskers01 & @Deepdaleduck
06. KOE @lionesse & @drac
07. Tribal @simomosi & @ryter
08. Bumble Bee @Henris_1 & @Kyla
09. Cheek of the Devil @Sygmassacre & @CheekyTeeky
10. Team Lynch @dough_boy & @Madagascarter
11. epiclazer @lazer36 & @4960epic
12. Andalusian Force @Frasur & @oliver
13. Double D's @DurandalBlue & @dwcalvert
14. oi oi oi @alphax211 & @Riskk
15. Starrxx @PatrickStarr & @Xixi2
16. Transmogrifiers @maafi & @elysium5

Organiser: Hoodlum
Forum thread: Pairs Tournaments