The D12 World Cup

10 players, each play against everyone else, so, in total, 9 matches for every player and 45 matches in total.

Each player gets to pick a home stadium(map of their choice except World Classic). Each player will play 4 home matches, 4 away matches and 1 matches on a neutral map(World Classic).There will be only a fee of 100 tokens and 25 rating points per player. Donations are welcome.

Requirements: Fair play and chat score to be atleast 95 and attendance must be atleast 75.Winner of the World Cup gets 50% of token pool and 125 rating points.

Runner-up gets 25% of token pool and 63 rating points.
Third place gets 15% of token pool and 40 rating points.
Fourth place gets 10% of token pool and 22 rating points.


Organisers: elysium5, RyanairLol
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The King Of ...

36 predators clash to determine which of them is the most valiant.
6 knockout games: who loses is out, who wins goes to the final...
Only one will be the King!

Reigning King: [image] YouratRISK

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Organiser: The_Bishop

The Dominating 12

The Dominating 12
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