DR.EA.MS. map conquest

Dominican Republic - Eastern Asia - Mediterranean States


Subscribe as a pair and win as a single!!
4/6/8 players per game, 1 point per win.
Each competitor plays 12 games, 3 games per mode:
Team Deathmatch, Capitals, Domination, Assassination.
24h turns, standard settings.

In preparation

Organiser: The_Bishop
Forum thread: Map Conquest 1

The King Of ...

36 predators clash to determine which of them is the most valiant.
6 knockout games: who loses is out, who wins goes to the final...
Only one will be the King!

Reigning King: [image] maafi

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Organiser: The_Bishop

The Dominating 12

The Dominating 12
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Current Dominator

Forum thread: The Dominating 12