2v2 World Cup Tournament

Just like the World Cup, starting with 24 teams, there will be 4 teams drawn into 6 groups. Teams will be seeded in Pots based on their ranking on D12. All teams in the group will play each other once, but it will be a Best out of 4 series. So every matchup in this tournament will be Best of 4. There for in the group stages a team can win by 4-0, 3-1, or draw 2-2. A Win is 3pts, A Draw is 1pt, and A Loss is 0pts. The Winners and Runners Up of each group will advance to the knockout stages, as well as the 4 Best Third Place Teams. In every Matchup, I will guarantee that each team has the right to go first in 2/4 games.

Organisers: dough_boy, DreamStreet
Forum thread: 2v2 D12 World Cup

Quadruple Madness


There are a total of 8 teams. 
Team 1: 4 Amigos @periwinkle, @clarkenfeld, @jfults, @ENGELBREKT
Team 2: GGkings69 @spite, @zone7dunk, @goopunch3, @spidaliere8
Team 3: The Little Fellas aka Young Kings @Fred-pwns, @Franklineld, @Thedougabides, @bilby
Team 4: The Distractors  @equist, @quistb1, @bradyq, @kramerq
Team 5: 3 Rs & a B @rockbert, @irob, @begold, @Ryomyr
Team 6: @tcjohans, @2ofclubs, @bluegoetz, @tennesseelogman
Team 7: @General_Ender, @robit, @macklyn, @pndxtr
Team 8: @Great_Kabuki, @DRoy20, @Black_Death, @calebdecker

Top 4 Teams below will advance to the Semi-Final Round


Round Robin: French Republic, deathmatch, increasing cards, normal turn-in, no fog, original dice, chained fortification.
 Each team will play against all the other teams once, for a total of 7 games. A maximum of 4 games will be played at once. It will follow this schedule:
1v8 1v7 1v6 1v5
2v8 2v7 2v6 2v5
3v8 3v7 3v6 3 v 5
4v8 4 v7 4v6 4v5

1v2 1v 3 1v 4
2v4 2v3 3v4
5v8 5v7 5v6
6v8 6v7 7v8
Top 4 teams will advance to the semi-final round. Any ties will have another round to break the tie (best of 3).

Semi-final: New York City, deathmatch, increasing cards, normal turn-in, no fog, original dice, chained fortification. Best of 3

Finals: Gold Coast, deathmatch, increasing cards, normal turn-in, no fog, original dice, chained fortification. Best of 3

Time Commitment:
This tournament will take approximately 3 months to complete. Make sure you find teammates that can commit to this length of time. If players are not able to complete the tournament, the team must replace a teammate with another player of their choice within 48 hours. Otherwise, the whole team will forfeit the game and the rest of the tournament.

Entry Requirement:
1. Have 1 representative from your team respond to this forum post with the players’ names and name of the team. Only 8 teams can be accepted so first come first serve. Full teams of 4 will only be signed up. Feel free to use this forum to find yourself a team of 4. Then announce your team name and players names to sign up.
2. Each player must have a minimum of 10 team games played or have their teammate vouch for them.
3. Each player will have 30 rating points deducted just before the first game starts. This will be a manual adjustment. An email message from me will be sent prior as a reminder.

You will win rating points and tokens (Donations of tokens are welcomed). The rating points collected for the entry requirement is the pot of points that the winning team wins. Each player on the winning team will receive 168 rating points each. The second-place team will win 48 rating points each and the third-place team will win 24 points each. Tokens will be shared in the following way: First place 70%, second place 20%, third place 10%.

Token Donations: (Thank you!)
Periwinkle 3000
Spite 200
Calebdecker 100
2ofclubs 1000

Organiser: periwinkle
Forum thread: Quadruple Madness

The World Dominator Tournament



Here is a Google sheet to see the current attacking orders with the game links and the leaderboard.

World Dominator Tournament Count Down https://countingdownto.com/?c=4797233

Donations welcomed! 23,600 tokens in the pot so far!

The_Bishop 2000 Tokens
Rockbert 1000 Tokens
HS0602 500 Tokens
1949midden 2000 Tokens
TimTheGreat 1000 tokens
MarshyMotty 100 tokens
FightingDucks 3000
clarkenfeld 1000 tokens
dough_boy 5000 tokens
calebdecker 1000 tokens
KC321 1000 tokens
Great_Kabuki 1000 tokens
Rcomer727 5000 tokens

Clear as mud? Ask me questions in this forum thread. I’m sure others have the same questions as you! Good Luck to all competitors!

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Organiser: periwinkle

The King Of ...

36 predators clash to determine which of them is the most valiant.
6 knockout games: who loses is out, who wins goes to the final...
Only one will be the King!

Reigning king: biso [image]

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Organiser: The_Bishop

The Dominating 12

The Dominating 12
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