• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 6
  • Game 200882
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 4
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
Matty 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Thorpe 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
tontot 0x 86 troops 42 territories 38 reinforcements reinforcements
Vexer 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
oliver 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Dferguson 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 27 Oct, 03:30 pm
    oliver: oh my title... it was too fast this time.. ^^
  • 27 Oct, 06:34 pm
    westchester: password please?
  • 27 Oct, 08:00 pm
    Dferguson: Whoop whoop D12 game!!!
  • 27 Oct, 08:07 pm
    Matty: Well well well, have fun everyone :)
  • 27 Oct, 08:08 pm
    Matty: Always nice to play basics xD
  • 27 Oct, 09:07 pm
    Dferguson: Don't target me because of my rank guys. That would be uncool.
  • 28 Oct, 12:31 am
    Vexer: It's also uncool to hide your true rank. Let's target him cause he's a basic.
  • 28 Oct, 12:36 am
    Dferguson: After I win this I will show my rank of dominator :P
  • 28 Oct, 07:32 am
    westchester: I am a good password guesser
  • 28 Oct, 12:05 pm
    Thorpe: thx for the invite
  • 28 Oct, 12:05 pm
    Thorpe: GOOD HUNTING!!
  • 28 Oct, 12:06 pm
    Thorpe: So we target the non-Premiun player?
  • 28 Oct, 12:06 pm
    Thorpe: And the rank hider?
  • 28 Oct, 01:59 pm
    Matty: Have fun everyone! I think this is a firsttimer for me, Thorpe in a deathmatch game o_O
  • 28 Oct, 06:11 pm
    Dferguson: Man going last and the only one without a joining territory. I got lots of work to do in this one.
  • 29 Oct, 06:37 am
    SpamFree: Wow! So this is the game to watch and learn.
  • 29 Oct, 11:01 am
    Thorpe: I thought I should mix it up and this is the Dominator match
  • 29 Oct, 11:01 am
    Thorpe: Never been in one.
  • 29 Oct, 08:33 pm
    lifeinpixels: You got this ferguson! Be the first basic to win the dominator title!
  • 30 Oct, 07:17 am
    westchester: lol, i basically support anyone
  • 30 Oct, 04:17 pm
    Matty: Lol, what rank did KillRick had when he won?
  • 30 Oct, 04:17 pm
    Matty: Also, congratz General Vexer!!!
  • 30 Oct, 07:32 pm
    Dferguson: Thorp why play so reckless in an important game?
  • 30 Oct, 11:38 pm
    Dferguson: reckless may not be the right word.
  • 31 Oct, 06:13 am
    Vexer: Thanks Matty, and Killrick was the first basic to win the dominator title.
  • 31 Oct, 06:23 am
    Thorpe: Again...I suck at deathmatches...teach me
  • 31 Oct, 06:37 am
    Dferguson: just like caps stay stong but in a few spots so its hard to take you out.
  • 31 Oct, 06:39 am
    Dferguson: and avoid vexer, haha
  • 01 Nov, 09:21 pm
    westchester: lol, avoid vexer, what if your playing 1 on 1 with vexer
  • 01 Nov, 09:22 pm
    westchester: Red I'd like to see you win this one because you sneeked in to this game, I like to do that to if I know the pw
  • 01 Nov, 09:22 pm
    westchester: I am playing 5 games 1 on 1 with vexer best out of 5, and I have to win at least 1 of them, vexer beat me in 2 already
  • 02 Nov, 12:12 am
    Dferguson: west this is a D12 game I did not sneek into it, I earned it.
  • 02 Nov, 09:07 am
    westchester: oh ok
  • 02 Nov, 05:19 pm
    Dferguson: Man I'm not use to everyone playing this way... Normally get two or more ppl trying to and grab, and not think of ways to protect yourself and others from getting killed by another player.
  • 02 Nov, 11:53 pm
    Dferguson: Arg, dice not The time to be that bad.
  • 03 Nov, 12:02 am
    Dferguson: Well I tired some aggressive defense... But the game had other plans.
  • 03 Nov, 12:55 am
    Vexer: Dferguson, why on earth would you attack me as aggressive defense. I couldn't possibly be the one to kill you cause you are protected by tontot in madagascar.
  • 03 Nov, 12:55 am
    Vexer: You wasted your troops on the wrong move and hurt us both.
  • 03 Nov, 12:57 am
    Vexer: Better aggressive defense would have been to remove the yellow troops in asia so he can't place there to kill you more easily. Tontot is the one setting up to kill you.
  • 03 Nov, 01:16 am
    Matty: I really hope Thorpe can turn in
  • 03 Nov, 01:40 am
    Vexer: I don't think it matters. It's not worth killing him yet. Anyone who tries is not going to be able to keep going afterwards and they will block a lot of paths they'll need later on.
  • 03 Nov, 01:46 am
    Dferguson: It was to stop you from getting thorp if he did not turn in. But the attack failed.
  • 03 Nov, 02:19 am
    tontot: I guess it's time to use chat to get under others' skins :)
  • 03 Nov, 02:20 am
    tontot: Seriouly Vexer, how can I touch Dferguson when he has protected troops in South America and Australia ?
  • 03 Nov, 03:13 pm
    oliver: mental war in chat... XD
  • 03 Nov, 09:05 pm
    Vexer: Dferguson, my main point was still valid, you made the wrong move and wasted our troops. I wouldn't have tried to kill Thorpe even if he had held 5 cards. It would have been foolish to do so.
  • 03 Nov, 09:06 pm
    Vexer: Unlike most players on this site these days, I try not to jump the gun and make a move too early.
  • 03 Nov, 09:59 pm
    Dferguson: its a moot point now.. plus it did not hurt you.
  • 04 Nov, 03:58 am
    Fendi: Oh wow, there is a lot more action in this game
  • 04 Nov, 04:06 am
    Vexer: Did not hurt me? Do I have any troops left in North America? You killed 2 troops which left me with 2 and Thorpe then killed those 2. You hurt us both and we'll be lucky if either one of us wins.
  • 04 Nov, 04:07 am
    Vexer: Now that you see Matty with 54 troops don't you feel silly for wasting your troops on me?
  • 04 Nov, 05:26 am
    killrick: your rite fendi.....this game is hopping.  vex is already telling all these rookies how to play..gotta love it
  • 04 Nov, 05:32 am
    killrick: any bets yet?
  • 04 Nov, 05:36 am
    killrick: btw fergy your not foolin anyone with the basic thing with over 400 games behind ya so go rank up after you get your d12 badge
  • 04 Nov, 05:37 am
    killrick: ill be back with more peanuts
  • 04 Nov, 07:26 am
    Dferguson: So then blame thorp.. Haha at least I left ya those though be it not by choice.
  • 04 Nov, 01:35 pm
    tontot: Vexer just tries to make you feel guilty so that you will think twice if you attack him next time. Just do whatever you want, mix things a bit and have fun, Dferguson
  • 04 Nov, 06:59 pm
    westchester: lol I think vexer is right because he is a general so he knows what hes doing
  • 04 Nov, 08:24 pm
    Fendi: That is funny.
  • 04 Nov, 08:47 pm
    Dferguson: (.)(.) I see the sharks going into attack positon!
  • 04 Nov, 08:48 pm
    oliver: i thought you were going to eat vexer with your set heheh
  • 04 Nov, 08:50 pm
    Dferguson: lose 44... for 4 cards and no garenteed set... not my ideal play. haha
  • 04 Nov, 08:51 pm
    oliver: risk of 4 cards... ^^
  • 04 Nov, 08:52 pm
    Dferguson: if the probable set was worth more then the loss of my men or enough to take out another sure.. but its not
  • 04 Nov, 08:54 pm
    Dferguson: i do feel why why more vunerable with no more tontot protection in south africa. :( sad day... if some one wants to kill 61 guys and go through 9 terrirtories for one cards go for it.
  • 04 Nov, 08:54 pm
    oliver: dont worry. vexer will tell you your mistakes, and what you have to do now XD
  • 04 Nov, 08:56 pm
    Dferguson: hehe
  • 04 Nov, 09:06 pm
    Matty: Actually Vexer killing those troops wasn't nescessary, as Im the last to turn in my cards and I can't possibly get a double turn in :S
  • 04 Nov, 09:18 pm
    Dferguson: so is somone going to take a run at thrope?
  • 04 Nov, 09:23 pm
    tontot: I may but I have to run out whole day today buying merchandise. Don't want to make a move that important on my tiny phone
  • 04 Nov, 09:34 pm
    Dferguson: wel if your not going to, help thorpe out buy not leaving it for vexer... he doesnt need the assistance or lack theirof
  • 05 Nov, 02:07 am
    tontot: Oh I can attack to weaken Vexer instead ;)
  • 05 Nov, 07:04 am
    Vexer: I never thought oliver would move his troops that were protecting me. Otherwise I would have turned in.
  • 05 Nov, 07:05 am
    tontot: this will be tight
  • 05 Nov, 07:06 am
    Vexer: I don't think it's a good idea.
  • 05 Nov, 07:06 am
    tontot: I have like 60-70%
  • 05 Nov, 07:06 am
    tontot: 11 vs 8+1
  • 05 Nov, 07:07 am
    tontot: 16 vs 13
  • 05 Nov, 07:07 am
    tontot: and 26 vs 14+13+!
  • 05 Nov, 07:07 am
    Vexer: but what can matty do with his turn in. nothing
  • 05 Nov, 07:07 am
    Vexer: just hold
  • 05 Nov, 07:08 am
    Vexer: but go with your gut and don't listen to me.
  • 05 Nov, 07:08 am
    tontot: thanks Vexer. I am undecided yet
  • 05 Nov, 07:09 am
    tontot: still have 10 minutes
  • 05 Nov, 07:10 am
    Vexer: Do you still have an extra time button left?
  • 05 Nov, 07:11 am
    tontot: I still. thanks for the reminding
  • 05 Nov, 07:11 am
    tontot: I have to calculate to see if Matty can turn in and clean me to 3 cards
  • 05 Nov, 07:14 am
    tontot: I will take some time to think guys. Just got home after 3 hours driving and do not eat anything yet :)
  • 05 Nov, 08:15 am
    Dferguson: Well I'll be going for the win in the next one.
  • 05 Nov, 09:04 am
    Vexer: It won't be possible for you. Either tontot will kill matty or he block anyone else from killing him.
  • 05 Nov, 09:05 am
    Vexer: If he fails to kill Matty then oliver wins. Sorry Dferguson but I don't think you have a chance in this game.
  • 05 Nov, 09:19 am
    Dferguson: I realized that... I meant ill go for the win in the next game.
  • 05 Nov, 09:30 am
    Vexer: oops. I misread it. A case of reading what you think you are going to read instead of actually reading what's there.
  • 05 Nov, 09:40 am
    Dferguson: But as long as a have a turn... I have a chance, the odds well more then likely not be in my favour though.
  • 05 Nov, 02:51 pm
    lifeinpixels: wow this game is much more exciting than the other one!
  • 05 Nov, 05:05 pm
    Matty: Ah, you chose to try :)
  • 05 Nov, 05:05 pm
    Matty: Nice dice :)
  • 05 Nov, 05:06 pm
    tontot: luck with me
  • 05 Nov, 05:06 pm
    tontot: and 2 sets
  • 05 Nov, 05:06 pm
    Matty: Lolz, and a double at 6 cards, looking good.
  • 05 Nov, 05:22 pm
    tontot: yeah a nice way to start my day
  • 05 Nov, 05:32 pm
    Matty: Go Dferguson!
  • 05 Nov, 07:00 pm
    oliver: ouch !!!
  • 05 Nov, 08:32 pm
    Vexer: It seems to me that oliver gave the game away when he moved his troops off of indonesia. Those troops were your advantage Oliver. I'm wondering what your reason was.
  • 05 Nov, 09:07 pm
    Dferguson: Kill 14 lose 4 help a lot with that win over Matt then double set... Just insting.
  • 05 Nov, 09:36 pm
    Dferguson: ust insulting*
  • 05 Nov, 09:37 pm
    Dferguson: haha to early for me to type I guess
  • 05 Nov, 11:11 pm
    westchester: lol, tontot is the winner it looks like
  • 05 Nov, 11:11 pm
    westchester: well gg everyone
  • 05 Nov, 11:13 pm
    westchester: Joke: Don't listen to Vexer, he is a general, a war man, he hunts people. This is a joke from what a general really means.
  • 06 Nov, 01:23 am
    lifeinpixels: nice job tontot!
  • 06 Nov, 02:48 am
    tontot: gg guys :) luck with me this game
  • 06 Nov, 02:01 pm
    Matty: Well done I guess :)
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