Live and long term games

There are two types of games. Live (Speed) Games and Long Term Games.

Live games are real time as though you were at home playing a board game of Risk with your friends, except this is online with a chat box and users from all around the world. Live games will give you three (3), five (5) or seven (7) minutes to take your turn and you will have to play out the game in one sitting.

Long term games however are usually played over a period of days or weeks. You have 24 or 36 hours to take your turn. Join multiple games and log in once or twice a day to take your turns.

Steps to get you started with live games:

  • Live game lobby

    Step 1. Go to the Live Game lobby

    Go to the live game lobby by clicking the Live Game link in the top right corner.

  • Join a game

    Step 2. Join a Game

    If you see a game you can join it. Two or Three player games will usually fill up rather quickly, a four to six player game will take quite a bit longer depending on how many players are online.

  • Create a game

    Step 3. Create Game

    If you do not see a game to join or do not like the game options, you can create a game.

  • Invite players

    Step 4. Invite Players

    Now that you have created a game, start inviting online players by left clicking the invite link on the black game panel. A new tab will open where you can click the invite link next to a player name and automatically invite them to your game. Alternatively, you can type a player name into the text box and press the "Invite" button.

  • Show you are still here

    Step 5. Update Your Status

    We have to make sure you are still online when the game starts. So, please continue to press the "Still here?" button to update that you are online, or you will automatically leave the game when the timer expires.

  • Wait for players to join

    Step 6. Wait

    BE PATIENT. We know you want to play a game of risk and strategy but it might take a bit to fill up a game. Invite your friends to come play the live games with you. Just remember to keep repeating step 5 so you won't automatically leave the game.

  • Step 7. Play

    Once the game starts, you can take your turns and watch the other players taking theirs.