Game Attendants


  • End Games
  • Change live games to 24 or 36 hour turn games
  • Change live game turn time to 3, 5 or 7 minutes
  • Reset the timer
  • Change the number of players in games that have not started yet
  • Remove lines of chat
  • Change the password for a game
  • Modify point range limits


Responsibilities: Monitor games for rule breaking. Inform players in the game chat of the rules.
Report players and games to Admins for disciplinary review. Monitor the forums for rule breaking.

If a Game Attendant or Moderator has the ability to fulfill your request then message them first, if not then message an Admin.

Moderators, Retired Admins, and Programmers also have the same abilities as Game Attendants. If you see them online and need a game ended, feel free to ask them.

Avatar Banners

Staff have a special colored banner around their avatar.

  • Red: Admins
  • Green: Cartographers
  • Blue: Miscellaneous staff including moderators, organizers and promoters, and programmers
  • Red Outline: Retired Admins
  • Black: Not staff, this color identifies the player as one of the dominating 12, the top 12 players on the site