This will describe how to play the game, not how to win. If you want strategy you can look on the forums. There are multiple types of play, however the overall goal is World Domination, or Map Domination. A game consists of 2-9 players. At the very beginning of a game all the territories are split up between each player. It is turn based, meaning you get a A turn consists of 3 phases, placing new troops, attacking, then moving troops between territories. turn and at the beginning of that turn you receive troops, then use your troops to attack and try to accomplish goals that will result in your Map or World Domination. A breakdown of a turn is as follows:
  • Place Armies Phase

    Place Armies Phase

    You will first click the Begin Turn button. The game will then calculate how many reinforcements you are suppose to receive. You choose which territories you want to put those troops on. The territories must belong to you or a teammate in order to place your reinforcements on them. When you place all of your This is the amount of troops you get at the beginning of your turn. For every 3 territories you own, you get 1 reinforcement. Territory sets and turning in cards also affect the reinforcements.reinforcements it will immediately take you to the next phase.

  • Turning in Cards

    Turning in Cards

    If you own a A group of three cards either all with the same color or each with a different color. These can be turned in for bonus reinforcements at the beginning of your turn.set of cards you can turn them in to add to the initial reinforcements. A set is comprised of three (3) cards of the same color or one of each of the following colors: red, green, and blue. Black cards are wild and count as any color. Underlined cards are territories that you own, and turning in that card results in a two (2) armies being added to that territory.

  • Attack phase

    Attack Phase

    Now you get to use your armies to attack neighboring territories. Battles are determined by rolling dice. You get one die per troop. Attackers can roll up to 3 dice and Defenders up to 2 dice. The top rolls are compared to each other and the higher numbers win. Any ties go to the defender.Battle results are decided by dice rolls. Remember that one of your troops always stays back as the attacker, so if you attack with 3 troops you only get two dice.

  • Conquering a Territory

    Conquering a Territory

    After each battle if you conquered the territory you can move your troops from the attacking territory into the newly conquered territory, again remember one troop must stay behind in the attacking territory. When you are finished attacking click End Attack Phase in the top right corner. Remember that in order to receive a Each card has a color and a territory assigned to it. You receive a card if you conquer a territory during your attack phase. You can turn a card set in for bonus troops. The colors are Red, Blue, Green and Black. Black is a wild card.card at the end of your turn you must conquer at least one territory.

  • Fortify Armies Phase

    Fortify Armies Phase

    You can now move your troops around between your connecting territories. How many times you can do that and how far you can move them will depend on the This game setting affects how many times and how far you can move your troops between your territories during the fortify armies phase. Options: Adjacent, Chained, Unlimited.Fortification Settings in your Game's Settings. After this phase your turn will be over and you must wait for your next turn.