• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 8
  • Game 345549
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 4
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
Matty 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Spartakus 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
zocpoc 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
nikeboix69 0x 231 troops 86 territories 65 reinforcements reinforcements
Vexer 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Stratosphere 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
descarado 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
tontot 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 02 Aug, 10:12 am
    oliver: ey man
  • 02 Aug, 05:14 pm
    Stratosphere: The Dominator Game...
  • 03 Aug, 06:37 am
  • 03 Aug, 08:47 am
  • 03 Aug, 09:53 am
    lifeinpixels: Shouldn't be talking like that to your superiors nike :)
  • 03 Aug, 11:08 am
    Dferguson: Good luck everyone. Life I would be happy to fill in if you need to leave on your vaca.
  • 03 Aug, 03:06 pm
    nikeboix69: LOL I don't know if you have been seen "The Rock" pixels but I would be in rebellion hehe. Now that I think about it. San Francisco would be more fitting for that line hehe
  • 05 Aug, 05:14 am
    Vexer: @matty, I am not trying to foil your plans, just protect my troops. I'd be happy to move them if I can find a way out.
  • 05 Aug, 11:37 am
    zocpoc: gentlemen's game, only one killing on 14 turns
  • 05 Aug, 03:53 pm
    zocpoc: btw,Vexer, Has someone reported to ou that newer version lose focus from GamChat textbox every time when send some message and generally
  • 06 Aug, 03:06 am
    Fendi: Go whoever wins the game!
  • 06 Aug, 05:46 am
    oliver: GO GO GO descarado!
  • 06 Aug, 05:51 am
    oliver: There was a basic dominator. There will be an unranked one? ^^
  • 07 Aug, 12:19 am
    Matty: Vexer I don't understand, why do you choose the region I chose, while you can easily get the region above? Do you want us to die together?
  • 07 Aug, 12:19 am
    Matty: Ehhh, ow, I just read your chat... But still, you can go for the blue region...
  • 07 Aug, 12:22 am
    Matty: You have your way out, the way I see it this is the best option for you to get.
  • 07 Aug, 12:25 am
    Matty: @Zocpoc, what do you mean? If I start typing into the game chat, and a new chat comes in, my cursor stays where it is for me (firefox).
  • 07 Aug, 04:41 am
    Spartakus: i hate this map to big for my screan :/
  • 07 Aug, 08:52 am
    Vexer: yeah, i have had the same thing happen with my chat box.
  • 07 Aug, 08:52 am
    Vexer: After I send a line of chat the box loses focus and I have to click the box again. Very annoying if you have a lot to say.
  • 07 Aug, 08:53 am
    Vexer: I didn't change anything so I'm guessing it has something to do with the join game tab.
  • 07 Aug, 08:56 am
    Vexer: I can confirm it's a problem in chrome and IE but not firefox.
  • 08 Aug, 10:28 am
    zocpoc: Yes I use chrome sometimes IE
  • 09 Aug, 07:13 pm
    Vexer: Wonder where tontot went.
  • 10 Aug, 03:39 pm
    Spartakus: Maybe on Papua or some other exotic islends haha
  • 11 Aug, 01:52 pm
    zocpoc: Black, it would be interesting fight for the region above that red already mentioned, so you made him favorite to conquer easy and fast, and in other hand you choose possible fight for region above
  • 11 Aug, 01:53 pm
    zocpoc: however I will not fight for that region, only I ask few turns to backup, and to leave you together with red in peace :)
  • 12 Aug, 02:17 am
    UltrasPlot: stratos win OR ELSE! :)
  • 12 Aug, 09:06 pm
  • 13 Aug, 03:31 pm
    zocpoc: Vexer can you move from Lannisport, so I can move mine from Flint's finger
  • 14 Aug, 01:00 am
    zocpoc: becouse here is General room, so I have to returned back for a moment :)
  • 14 Aug, 01:08 am
    Matty: @Purple, I can leave if you want to.
  • 14 Aug, 01:14 am
    Spartakus: matty i hope you leave
  • 14 Aug, 01:39 am
    zocpoc: next turn for sure
  • 14 Aug, 05:34 am
    Vexer: I did what was asked but descarado took advantage.
  • 14 Aug, 10:20 pm
    zocpoc: discardo why you are not moving
  • 16 Aug, 09:35 am
    JamesKer1: Go dominate some butt....
  • 16 Aug, 09:35 am
    JamesKer1: That came out awkwardly... Just pretend that was kick instead of me trying to be creative... o_O
  • 17 Aug, 09:05 am
    UltrasPlot: lol gg matty
  • 17 Aug, 11:31 am
    nikeboix69: I couldn't do it all in one swoop but I'm almost certain I'll be winning this one hehe
  • 17 Aug, 01:10 pm
  • 17 Aug, 01:10 pm
    Stratosphere: Nice Job nike
  • 17 Aug, 02:53 pm
    Matty: Ah no seriously!!! You had a wild card? Cause I was really wanting to fo for it, except that I didn't want to rely on a 6 card turn in.... Which you had...
  • 17 Aug, 02:53 pm
    Matty: But GG
  • 17 Aug, 02:53 pm
    Matty: Finally a well thought move and not some lucky shot because the one before you pulled it of to early.
  • 17 Aug, 05:02 pm
    nikeboix69: gg Thank you!
  • 17 Aug, 05:02 pm
    nikeboix69: do I get double points too since it was for the D12 game? hehe
  • 17 Aug, 05:13 pm
    Spartakus: gg
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