• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 5
  • Game 207745
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 4
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
Vexer 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Thorpe 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
lifeinpixels 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Matty 0x 127 troops 41 territories 32 reinforcements reinforcements
atomictom 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 08 Nov, 10:06 am
    Vexer: This is the second round of the November Dominator Tournament. Good Luck.
  • 08 Nov, 10:36 am
    atomictom: Good luck.
  • 08 Nov, 03:08 pm
    Matty: He lol, I can't remember joining this one. I usually never drink that much... :S
  • 08 Nov, 06:45 pm
    Fendi: lol @ matty!
  • 09 Nov, 11:24 am
    Thorpe: Yeah...I was hoping it was over! I do not drink!
  • 10 Nov, 05:56 am
    lifeinpixels: I know it would take longer, but I wish we could have a fixed deathmatch for the D12 once in a while. I don't really know how to play increasing deathmatches.
  • 10 Nov, 10:06 am
    Dferguson: life not that im an expert... but try to build up in 2-3 different spots, espiecally if you cant easily get a good foot hold section like AUS.
  • 10 Nov, 10:07 am
    Dferguson: then try to plan out who will be weakest when its time for you to cash in cards so you can make a run for theirs when the time is right.
  • 10 Nov, 10:10 am
    Dferguson: for example vexer is going to be strong but on the downside all his guys are located in close proximity.
  • 10 Nov, 10:10 am
    Dferguson: but hey what do I know i cant beat noobs these days..
  • 10 Nov, 12:30 pm
    lifeinpixels: Matty, care to move out of Egypt?
  • 10 Nov, 05:58 pm
    Matty: For you, always
  • 12 Nov, 04:17 pm
    Thorpe: Matty care to move out of Africa?...lol
  • 12 Nov, 04:18 pm
    Thorpe: I though I could try.
  • 12 Nov, 04:18 pm
    Thorpe: thought*
  • 12 Nov, 05:23 pm
    Matty: Sure Thorpe, I'm already outta there :)
  • 12 Nov, 11:58 pm
    Thorpe: WOW!!! It works! Now how about S.America?
  • 12 Nov, 11:59 pm
    Thorpe: I will move out of Europe
  • 13 Nov, 12:31 am
    Vexer: I've been losing way too many troops just trying to get easy cards. Matty and Pixels look real good though.
  • 13 Nov, 05:07 am
    Dferguson: you say that... while getting into attack position. Vexer you are a threat no matter what the logs says... unless it says you have been conqured.
  • 13 Nov, 01:50 pm
    Vexer: And that's why I don't win these games. Everyone thinks they have to take me out first.
  • 13 Nov, 01:52 pm
    Vexer: Pixels just set up to make the same kill and he's got more troops and gets 7 armies per turn.
  • 13 Nov, 04:00 pm
    lifeinpixels: Yes, but the the key factor is that you're turn is before mine. Plus you have a set. You're teaching me not to trust anything you say in the chat Vexer :)
  • 13 Nov, 09:11 pm
    Matty: @Thorpe, I want to, but there's no way to go to :'(
  • 14 Nov, 01:55 am
    Vexer: Yeah but he is not worth killing yet, it would cost more than I would get and I might not even be able to do it. You can easily take the risk to do it because of your +7
  • 14 Nov, 01:58 am
    Vexer: Looks like matty stepped in to save the day by blocking in china. Now pixels can't get to him.
  • 14 Nov, 11:14 pm
    lifeinpixels: well I hopeatomic tom has a set.
  • 15 Nov, 10:15 am
    Vexer: Well there went my only chance to win.
  • 15 Nov, 10:20 am
    Thorpe: wow..Vexer is going to die?
  • 15 Nov, 11:13 am
    lifeinpixels: Well losing with a 90% chance of success kinda hurts. Especially in this game.
  • 15 Nov, 11:16 am
    lifeinpixels: I sure hope I get a second chance.
  • 15 Nov, 11:17 am
    Dferguson: Doughtful
  • 17 Nov, 12:30 am
    Vexer: Matty has a really huge lead now. How did that happen? Oh yeah, pixels tried to kill me without having enough extra troops to make it happen.
  • 17 Nov, 12:53 am
    lifeinpixels: Are you saying I made a bad decision?
  • 17 Nov, 08:25 am
    Vexer: I didn't say that.
  • 17 Nov, 11:16 am
    Thorpe: I thought I heard that...but really look at me...losing myself.
  • 17 Nov, 04:25 pm
    Matty: Yes, Matty is the last to turn in his cards, which means a huge troop count and no chance on double turn ins :'(
  • 18 Nov, 01:56 am
    Vexer: Pixels, I broke you for not breaking Matty and letting him get so much bigger than the rest of us. No more free lunch for the two of you.
  • 18 Nov, 03:46 am
    lifeinpixels: I didn't attack brazil because I don't want to block my attack path.
  • 18 Nov, 08:18 am
    Vexer: Well, then you could just take all those troops out and you wouldn't have to worry about that attack path. ;)
  • 18 Nov, 10:44 am
    lifeinpixels: You'd complain that I made both of us an easy kill for someone else :)
  • 19 Nov, 10:51 am
    Dferguson: Nice play vexer
  • 19 Nov, 12:02 pm
    lifeinpixels: that's too bad you had a set!
  • 19 Nov, 11:30 pm
    Vexer: Pixels, don't think that you have to attack me. Matty has between a 66% and 77% chance of having a set depending on whether or not he had a set with 3 cards. The odds are that he has a set so attacking me would be a waste of your troops.
  • 20 Nov, 12:40 am
    lifeinpixels: Why would I attack you when you don't have a region and I can't kill you?
  • 20 Nov, 08:31 pm
    lifeinpixels: Hmm... anyone want to save me from the evil clutches of Matty? :)
  • 21 Nov, 03:27 am
    Vexer: It would help if you could figure out how I can save you. If you really want to survive, you'd do the work for me.
  • 21 Nov, 03:28 am
    Vexer: atomictom didn'
  • 21 Nov, 03:28 am
    Vexer: t send quite enough troops to east africa. I think that if matty wants you dead, you'll die.
  • 21 Nov, 03:29 am
    Vexer: Sending your troops to the western US is probably what killed you. If you hadn't done that then I could block.
  • 21 Nov, 03:52 am
    Vexer: Ok, took forever but I might have figured out the solution. We will see.
  • 21 Nov, 12:33 pm
    lifeinpixels: See I was hoping that you would pick a less than optimal method of protection. It was a long shot but I'll take whatever I can.
  • 21 Nov, 12:34 pm
    lifeinpixels: Thanks though. Now I just have to survive you. Maybe Matty will help out this time ;)
  • 22 Nov, 02:50 am
    Vexer: Sorry pixels.
  • 22 Nov, 02:50 am
    Vexer: The dice got me. I had more than enough troops. Still, I would have needed a double turn in to do anything with it. GG
  • 22 Nov, 04:51 am
    lifeinpixels: Hmm, reminds me of what happened earlier this game.
  • 22 Nov, 05:02 am
    Vexer: And Matty wins. Well played Matty, you won the game when you took Siam.
  • 22 Nov, 05:48 am
    Dferguson: this is a great game too. both second round games where and have been playes very well. easy to see why most of you guys or consistantly in teh top 12
  • 22 Nov, 06:59 pm
    Matty: The one thing I still don't understand is why Vexer kept drawing all attention on himself by telling us how dangerously strong the others were...
  • 22 Nov, 09:40 pm
    lifeinpixels: Oh man, gg Matty!
  • 22 Nov, 09:41 pm
    lifeinpixels: Now I know who I'll be rooting for in the finals!
  • 22 Nov, 09:43 pm
    Matty: Well, this defenitely was one of the most interesting games since a long while. At some point I really didn't know what to do anymore. Thanks everyone!
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