• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 9
  • Game 266350
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 4
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
Dferguson 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
thaithai 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Spartakus 0x 707 troops 20 territories 16 reinforcements reinforcements
lifeinpixels 0x 641 troops 16 territories 13 reinforcements reinforcements
Matty 0x 771 troops 24 territories 16 reinforcements reinforcements
naathim 0x 658 troops 15 territories 9 reinforcements reinforcements
oliver 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
davidechko123 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
nikeboix69 0x 679 troops 16 territories 15 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 03 Mar, 10:24 am
    Vexer: This is the Dominating 12 game.
  • 03 Mar, 10:24 am
    Vexer: The cap is at 50 but could be lifted if the game starts to stalemate.
  • 03 Mar, 10:25 am
    Vexer: If you didn't get your color, earn more points. First choice in colors went to the players with the most points.
  • 03 Mar, 10:30 am
    Vexer: Oh, and remember that cards are advanced meaning you can turn in with only 3 cards after a kill if you have a set.
  • 03 Mar, 03:35 pm
    Cireon: You are going down!
  • 03 Mar, 03:35 pm
    Cireon: Oh wait, I am not even in this game D:
  • 03 Mar, 07:25 pm
    BrewDog: Two basics!! Unreal!
  • 03 Mar, 07:26 pm
    BrewDog: Good luck all. See you next game hopefully.
  • 03 Mar, 09:13 pm
    thaithai: i don't know diffence between capped and advance capped
  • 03 Mar, 09:16 pm
    Spartakus: Rule ''at least 5 card'' is not valid hiere, we can change whit only 3 if understand good ?
  • 03 Mar, 09:27 pm
    Cireon: The advanced capped rule means that you can turn in a set after killing someone if you have a set.
  • 03 Mar, 09:27 pm
    Cireon: As opposed to the "normal" capped rule, where you need at least five cards after a kill to be allowed to turn in.
  • 03 Mar, 10:27 pm
    lifeinpixels: davidechko, would you mind stepping aside in kamchatka for 1 turn?
  • 04 Mar, 08:33 am
    thaithai: i don't understand why there are 2 basic players in this game
  • 04 Mar, 08:44 am
    Crystal: they're not basics... they just don't want to (or don't have the courage) to show they're real rank
  • 04 Mar, 10:50 am
    naathim: well that seems a bit of a low blow...rank isn't everything. Most the time I wish I'd have been smart enough to stay basic like them. david's one of the best players on here and dferg is mouthy but is great player too.
  • 04 Mar, 08:43 pm
    Spartakus: thanks Cireon
  • 04 Mar, 08:45 pm
    Spartakus: you are right naatim meny players have fear to play whit high rank, stay on basic is prety smart move :)
  • 05 Mar, 08:31 am
    Vexer: I did some poking around since I don't know davidechko123. This is his first 9 player game and 78% of his games are 2p games.
  • 05 Mar, 08:32 am
    Vexer: And thaithai, he may be a basic (because he never bought a rank with tokens) but he has more points than anyone.
  • 06 Mar, 09:42 am
    Dferguson: Yep figures
  • 07 Mar, 02:10 am
    Dferguson: Out of this one... Who can I screw over?
  • 07 Mar, 06:22 pm
    BrewDog: You're not out DFerg, the cards can get ya right back in it.
  • 08 Mar, 10:06 pm
    Dferguson: this game.... these players.. I'm out, cards or no cards. only chance is nike screws up a kill.
  • 08 Mar, 11:01 pm
    Fendi: Go Matty!
  • 09 Mar, 01:51 am
    Matty: Thanks Fendi, it's so weird to not have you in this game.
  • 09 Mar, 02:56 am
    Fendi: Look at the bright side, now I'm cheering for you instead of trying to kill you =)
  • 09 Mar, 04:19 am
    Dferguson: I do love how no one is at least trying to stop others from getting regions.... Except for thaithai slowing down the weakest player.
  • 09 Mar, 04:49 am
    naathim: it's (oddly enough) advanced caps, so regions don't matter, it's all about who jumps on the steamroller first :P
  • 09 Mar, 05:11 am
    Dferguson: I think the extra 5-7 guys per turn are very helpful... No one tRgets the players with the most men.
  • 09 Mar, 05:47 am
    Dferguson: If it wasn't important no one would bother trying to get a foot hold territory.
  • 09 Mar, 07:00 am
    naathim: okay, it's not AS important :P
  • 09 Mar, 07:00 am
    naathim: it's mostly just trying to make sure you're still alive come round 5-6 so you can kill people with cards
  • 09 Mar, 08:36 am
    Dferguson: Basically I need to be among the first to turn in so I have little cards worth taking and then hope for a three card set
  • 10 Mar, 12:42 am
    lifeinpixels: Well I hope Spartakus is prevented from taking Sumatra.
  • 10 Mar, 02:32 am
    Dferguson: My the sharks already smell me blood
  • 10 Mar, 02:40 am
    Spartakus: Do not worry Life , I'm not going to atack Sumatra
  • 10 Mar, 05:23 am
    Dferguson: Let's see how this playes out
  • 10 Mar, 09:11 pm
    lifeinpixels: Thaithai please move to columbia.
  • 10 Mar, 09:13 pm
    nikeboix69: Don't worry DFerg, It's prolly certain I'll mess up somewhere along the way all tho I've prolly been close 2 or 3 times I've never won the D12 Dominator game hehe
  • 11 Mar, 02:41 am
    Dferguson: And out of Kenya!
  • 11 Mar, 09:34 pm
    Dferguson: My money is on matty
  • 11 Mar, 10:12 pm
    nikeboix69: My money is on the winner
  • 12 Mar, 07:00 pm
    suldam: missed this one
  • 12 Mar, 07:00 pm
    suldam: i guess life got in the world
  • 12 Mar, 07:01 pm
    suldam: *life got in the way
  • 12 Mar, 07:01 pm
    suldam: hopefully i can be around for the next session :)
  • 12 Mar, 07:01 pm
    suldam: good luck - looks like matty is in the lead
  • 13 Mar, 02:00 am
    lifeinpixels: Haha i thought you were blaming me for a second.
  • 13 Mar, 03:00 am
    Dferguson: Spartakus = lier?
  • 13 Mar, 07:24 am
    Spartakus: i respect my promis for one turn Dferguson that's enough :)
  • 13 Mar, 09:43 am
    lifeinpixels: Haha sneaky Spartakus
  • 14 Mar, 12:57 am
    Matty: Well Dferg, you need to learn to bet better :)
  • 14 Mar, 12:59 am
    Dferguson: Haha
  • 14 Mar, 03:08 am
    naathim: well from 20 on up it gets u-g-l-y
  • 15 Mar, 08:53 am
    Dferguson: Grrr... Another card will most likely get me killed so... Let's see what happens by sitting at three
  • 16 Mar, 12:10 am
    lifeinpixels: Only needed a card Oliver.
  • 16 Mar, 04:58 am
    oliver: you know I'm vindictive....
  • 16 Mar, 06:43 am
    oliver: sorry thai
  • 16 Mar, 08:57 am
    thaithai: gg
  • 18 Mar, 06:21 am
    naathim: n1 dferg
  • 18 Mar, 07:54 am
    lifeinpixels: Sneaky!
  • 18 Mar, 08:31 am
    suldam: haha life wasn't playing you ;)
  • 18 Mar, 08:31 am
    suldam: *blaming you*
  • 18 Mar, 08:32 am
    suldam: just realised it is caps, this might take a while!
  • 18 Mar, 02:29 pm
    Dferguson: Well I don't think it will last that long... The ones with big bonuses are going to start running away with it.
  • 18 Mar, 04:58 pm
    Matty: Yes, and then it will stalemate.
  • 18 Mar, 08:05 pm
    naathim: woulda been better with fog, you generally get more aggressive/faster games
  • 18 Mar, 09:39 pm
    Dferguson: i think vexer could switch it for us.
  • 19 Mar, 08:18 am
    naathim: methinks too late now, everyone's stuck with troops buildups
  • 19 Mar, 09:57 am
    Vexer: I took the cap off. Switching it to fog of war to reduce the chance of a stalemate is an interesting idea.
  • 20 Mar, 04:36 am
    oliver: fog? oh no
  • 20 Mar, 04:41 am
    lifeinpixels: I'm not sure switching to fog in the middle of the game would be fair.
  • 20 Mar, 04:47 am
    oliver: life, you are creating resentment...
  • 20 Mar, 04:55 am
    naathim: I only think it would be good to start, not to switch, everyone knows where/who/how much the other players are. I was just trying to say that generally fog games go more quickly and are more aggressive.
  • 20 Mar, 02:00 pm
    Matty: I don't think its fair as well, you set up for one thing, and then you suddenly get something else. Even removing the cap istn really fair, but at least Vex told us in advance...
  • 20 Mar, 08:47 pm
    naathim: yeah, not a fan of infinite increasing in deathmatch. then it just devolves into de facto caps where one person can build a stack big enough to ride the steamroller to victory.
  • 20 Mar, 08:48 pm
    naathim: it's interesting to see the difference in game play between long term and live games too.
  • 20 Mar, 11:25 pm
    oliver: @nathim, I hope you to learn new and better tactics soon
  • 20 Mar, 11:28 pm
    oliver: this is not fixed, and especially, it seems that you do not know your opponents
  • 21 Mar, 07:29 pm
    nikeboix69: my troops in China didn't even put up a fight hehe
  • 21 Mar, 07:29 pm
    Spartakus: Nikenbix :)
  • 21 Mar, 07:29 pm
    Spartakus: yu souldn't go to east :)
  • 21 Mar, 07:30 pm
    nikeboix69: I think your territory troops placement will give you the game Spartakus. My pick would be you to win if I don't pull a miracle lol
  • 21 Mar, 07:32 pm
    Spartakus: hehe Do not look more to the east, and I'll spare your trops :)
  • 21 Mar, 07:33 pm
    Spartakus: i jsut want to reduce my border wiht 3 to 2 border in china nothing else :)
  • 21 Mar, 08:49 pm
    naathim: lol @ oliver sorry I'm not in the good ol' boys club, where you pussy foot with the same players in every game , rolls eyes, yawns
  • 21 Mar, 11:17 pm
    oliver: making new friends... heheh
  • 22 Mar, 03:33 am
    Dferguson: Hey matty care to place those 20+ guys in morrocco ?
  • 22 Mar, 07:27 am
    naathim: yeah, sorry I turn into a raging douche sometimes,
  • 22 Mar, 08:41 am
    lifeinpixels: Yeah I hope some takes out that red bit in Morocco.
  • 22 Mar, 05:23 pm
    Spartakus: Ah life you ordered my murder in Marocco :D
  • 22 Mar, 08:38 pm
    Dferguson: I think I placed that order
  • 22 Mar, 08:50 pm
  • 23 Mar, 07:00 am
    lifeinpixels: Yeah, so when you take your revenge Spartakus, don't forget it was Dferguson who gave the order, not me!
  • 23 Mar, 08:05 am
    Spartakus: i think i will do same thing like michael corleone all inclusive :D
  • 24 Mar, 06:02 am
    lifeinpixels: Don't bother attacking me guys, I still don't have a set.
  • 24 Mar, 12:40 pm
    suldam: wow
  • 24 Mar, 12:40 pm
    suldam: i just realised
  • 24 Mar, 12:40 pm
    suldam: that matty can win
  • 24 Mar, 12:41 pm
    suldam: if he has a set!
  • 24 Mar, 02:00 pm
    Matty: I'm not sure if I could even with a set, but it doesn't matter, as I don't have one.
  • 25 Mar, 09:52 am
    Dferguson: looks like no one can turn in with 4... this will be over soon
  • 25 Mar, 10:56 am
    suldam: or everyone is taking a gamble....hope to stay alive to trade in the next round!
  • 25 Mar, 10:56 am
    suldam: hopefully nike has something
  • 27 Mar, 02:44 am
    nikeboix69: The more I look it over, the more confused I get of going for it on this turn. I'll prolly make my move or wait on it another turn in about 5 hours or so lol. You guys can make your case of if I should or I shouldn't lol
  • 27 Mar, 02:59 am
    Spartakus: If you going for Fergy i agreed :P :D
  • 27 Mar, 03:28 am
    nikeboix69: Doing the math and it just can't add up
  • 27 Mar, 03:44 am
    Spartakus: Dferguson had a chance he is close to matty in every teritory now or never :)
  • 27 Mar, 06:50 am
    oliver: chance to kill life..... not personal heheh
  • 27 Mar, 07:20 am
    Dferguson: I wish!! No turn in.
  • 27 Mar, 07:23 am
    Dferguson: Ok time to protect or kill me.
  • 27 Mar, 07:39 am
    naathim: well looks like Matty's gonna get dferg at least, unless Spartakus or LIP tries to save him
  • 27 Mar, 03:55 pm
    Spartakus: i hope that Life will atack Kenya and protect you on somalia or game over i think
  • 28 Mar, 12:56 am
    Dferguson: That was my thought... Only area of protection.
  • 28 Mar, 01:26 am
    oliver: spartakus doing the game easier to Matty...
  • 28 Mar, 07:38 am
    naathim: I think we be havin big die off here this round and next lol
  • 28 Mar, 09:25 am
    Dferguson: If life chooses not to kill me here, matty could you move guys to Algeria.... That is if you don't kill me.
  • 28 Mar, 09:51 am
    lifeinpixels: This is turning out to be quite a nice game.
  • 28 Mar, 06:12 pm
    Matty: Well tried Pixels, but I got him in the back.
  • 28 Mar, 08:48 pm
    oliver: i told it
  • 28 Mar, 08:48 pm
    oliver: my head on a silver plate spartakus
  • 28 Mar, 08:49 pm
    oliver: Go Matty! Teach them how to do it!
  • 28 Mar, 11:51 pm
    davidechko123: gg all. However I will air one grievance. Lifting the cap mid game disadvantaged 3 players; costing me personally 15 extra troops at last turn-in and depriving me an additional 45 troops of incentive for knocking out orange at last turn-in which I would
  • 28 Mar, 11:52 pm
    davidechko123: Typically changing rules mid-game requires some sort of vote and I hope future 9 player games won't be attempted with a cap. gg and gl, go orange!
  • 29 Mar, 02:49 am
    naathim: LIP gonna need a three card cause something tells me matty's got a set.
  • 29 Mar, 04:57 pm
    Matty: "3 Mar, 05:24 Vexer: The cap is at 50 but could be lifted if the game starts to stalemate."
  • 29 Mar, 06:16 pm
    Spartakus: sorry oliver my mistake
  • 31 Mar, 06:34 pm
    suldam: very likely a stalemate..
  • 31 Mar, 08:31 pm
    nikeboix69: May be we should change this game to a Capitals game too? hehe
  • 31 Mar, 09:22 pm
    lifeinpixels: No, how about we all split the dominator title ;)
  • 31 Mar, 09:33 pm
    Matty: Maybe not if we try to break some of those regions, like you all have been doing only on me right now.
  • 31 Mar, 10:36 pm
    nikeboix69: How about a deathmatch game on original world map or Central America with the remaining players? Or even a Capitals game on either of those?
  • 01 Apr, 06:00 am
    oliver: nooooooo you have to fight here! muahahah!
  • 01 Apr, 06:57 am
    naathim: but Imma DIE now
  • 01 Apr, 06:58 am
    naathim: let's just switch lol
  • 01 Apr, 09:45 am
    lifeinpixels: Why would anyone kill your 243 for ~180 worth in cards?
  • 01 Apr, 12:16 pm
    suldam: yupppp
  • 01 Apr, 07:35 pm
    Matty: @Nike, that would be completely unfair. The ppl that have died didn't die because they played bad or something, they died because of bad luck with cards at the wrong moment.
  • 01 Apr, 08:34 pm
    naathim: because this is a deathmatch, despite evidence to the contrary this game, we should be trying to kill the other players, instead of this weird massive build-up
  • 01 Apr, 08:37 pm
    Dferguson: Matty I'm shocked you did not kill naathim that turn.
  • 01 Apr, 08:37 pm
    naathim: me too
  • 01 Apr, 09:20 pm
    suldam: LIP explains quite well, i believe
  • 02 Apr, 03:35 am
    Dferguson: Well he hade good chance for a boule turn in... 300+ I think the value was there
  • 02 Apr, 04:49 am
    naathim: Plus, Matty has enough extra troops he could have eaten up the difference and still maintained his lead.
  • 02 Apr, 04:51 am
    naathim: I wonder at what point the losses incurred from removing a player completely negate the benefits of gaining their cards? I feel like we've gone past and/or are close
  • 02 Apr, 05:26 am
    lifeinpixels: Matty, you seem to be implying that the winner is decided because everyone else had "bad luck with cards at the wrong moment". I don't think I would disagree either.
  • 02 Apr, 06:15 am
    nikeboix69: I just have a feeling someone's feelings will be hurt if not already after this game lol.
  • 02 Apr, 10:34 am
    Vexer: I've found in these situations that sometimes it's possible to weaken another player just enough so that you don't lose too many but enough so that someone will kill them for a small gain.
  • 02 Apr, 10:34 am
    Vexer: Really it's the guy who is in the lead with troops who decides whether the game progresses or stalemates.
  • 02 Apr, 10:35 am
    Vexer: Alternatively, the leader can pick who to weaken and the rest follow until someone can kill him for a small gain.
  • 02 Apr, 12:55 pm
    Matty: @Pixels, Sometimes its really about that yes.
  • 02 Apr, 12:56 pm
    Matty: @Dferguson, and what did you suggest me to do after killing naathim? Really, there was no way killing him could benefit me in any way.
  • 02 Apr, 12:57 pm
    Matty: @Vexer, these might be strategies to end a game, but I don't like them. In increasing games if the card count gets this high, the game simply stalemated. The only way it could have ended was naathim not having a 4 card turn in, which he didn't.
  • 02 Apr, 01:01 pm
    Matty: I vote to end this game.
  • 02 Apr, 02:16 pm
    Spartakus: I didn't had chance to kill any player becose i have trops only in asia and oz , if i atack someone only week them and someone next kill them, i didn.t wont to gave a game that's not fair for the other players , we will se what happen next 
  • 02 Apr, 03:32 pm
    oliver: If the game ends, we all want to play next ;)
  • 02 Apr, 07:58 pm
    nikeboix69: How about a knockout round of 1vs1 games NCAA Basketball March Madness style? With this you can't blame another person but just luck dice. If 12 players, 4 top seed gets a bye for the first round. How about it?
  • 02 Apr, 08:03 pm
    Spartakus: i agreed
  • 02 Apr, 08:03 pm
    Spartakus: or this one for example:
  • 02 Apr, 08:07 pm
    Spartakus: 1 player vs 12 player, 2 vs 11, 3 vs 10, 4 vs 9, 5 vs 8, 5 vs 7 then winner (1 or 12 ) against winer ( 5 or 7 ) , like a tennis tournametn deadmatch clasik map ??
  • 02 Apr, 08:08 pm
    Spartakus: for next d12 tour
  • 02 Apr, 08:09 pm
    Spartakus: think about it boys
  • 02 Apr, 11:01 pm
    lifeinpixels: I would rather have no winner than a winner decided by luck.
  • 02 Apr, 11:35 pm
    Spartakus: me to life
  • 03 Apr, 12:04 am
    naathim: lol all risk is is luck... you can plan as much as you want, but dice are king
  • 03 Apr, 12:06 am
    naathim: I think if this had remained capped there wouldn't be quite so much stalemating. There wouldn't be as much risk in attempting to gain territories, because even if you lost a fair number of troops, there wouldn't be a 200 stack coming down o
  • 03 Apr, 09:24 am
    lifeinpixels: I wonder if we could come up with some kind of exponential card growth system which would prevent this...though it may not even be an improvement if it means the first one to get a kill wins the game.
  • 03 Apr, 09:29 am
    lifeinpixels: Maybe something like after the bonus reaches 100, the increase in each subsequent set is worth 10 more than the last. So 95, 100, 110, 130, 160, 200...
  • 03 Apr, 09:31 am
    lifeinpixels: I'm sure someone would be able to fine-tune this system better than I could.
  • 03 Apr, 11:30 am
    Matty: There is something like that planned @pixels
  • 03 Apr, 11:31 am
    Matty: @naathim capped (or fixed) games would stalemate 100% sure.
  • 03 Apr, 06:20 pm
    Spartakus: i think that would "advanced cards" solve the all problems for games like this, we are not nobs and newbies we have litlle more skill
  • 03 Apr, 06:22 pm
    nikeboix69: So can we just end this one and go tournament style 1vs1? I think this game is going nowhere
  • 03 Apr, 06:24 pm
    Spartakus: i agreed but we had 5 players ?
  • 03 Apr, 07:24 pm
    oliver: 12 !!! XD
  • 03 Apr, 07:25 pm
    oliver: or last 8... :P
  • 03 Apr, 07:36 pm
    naathim: only a stalemate because people played this like they wanted it to be one. I see increasing games get stalemated a lot more often than capped games. I'd rather just like to end this one, it's getting a tad ridiculous.
  • 03 Apr, 08:25 pm
    suldam: agree
  • 03 Apr, 08:26 pm
    suldam: after all who needs a march/april dominator..
  • 03 Apr, 08:26 pm
  • 03 Apr, 08:26 pm
    suldam: wait...do i have a say in this?
  • 03 Apr, 08:27 pm
    suldam: i say, let's all flip a coin/dice and the one with the highest dice roll becomes dominator :)
  • 03 Apr, 09:35 pm
    nikeboix69: 5-12 team bracket tournaments work. Google it. Here is an example of a 12 player bracket. http://img.docstoccdn.com/thumb/orig/151905732.png Numbrs 3,6,9 and 12 would be the higher ranks and gets a first round BYE.
  • 03 Apr, 10:33 pm
    Spartakus: this is not fair sistem nikeboix :)
  • 03 Apr, 11:06 pm
    lifeinpixels: naathim, everyone here wants to win this game more than any other. No one is playing for a stalemate. This is simply a common result of games with really good players.
  • 04 Apr, 12:22 am
    nikeboix69: Can you elaborate Spartakus? I'm thinking everybody here has a shot and this eliminates a stalemate. Also you can't blame anybody else making a bad move and costing you the game because it will be 1 vs 1.
  • 04 Apr, 12:32 am
    Spartakus: 3, 6 ,9 ,12  free in first round not fear
  • 04 Apr, 12:33 am
    Spartakus: this is better   1 player vs 12 , 2 vs 11 , 3 vs 10, 4 vs 9, 5 vs 8, 6 vs 7 ,  
  • 04 Apr, 12:35 am
    Spartakus:  then we have a 6 winers and play next round (winer 1 or 12 ) vs (6 or 7 ) , (2 or 11) vs(5 or 8) and (3 or 10) vs (4 or 9 )  then we have 3 semifinalist
  • 04 Apr, 12:36 am
    Spartakus: then play eachoter games , who had moust wins of this 3 is dominator
  • 04 Apr, 02:22 am
    Spartakus: i sugest this model for next game d12
  • 04 Apr, 02:24 am
    Spartakus: But nikeboix in this game right now we have 5 players alive
  • 04 Apr, 02:34 am
    lifeinpixels: Spartakus I don't like a lot of 2 player games because those are determined mainly by dice.
  • 04 Apr, 02:53 am
    Spartakus: i knoe life i know
  • 04 Apr, 03:27 am
    naathim: sorry about that nike, needed a card,
  • 04 Apr, 03:30 am
    naathim: wasn't trying to say people were playing with the goal of stalemate, just that the style this game has taken had no other possible result
  • 04 Apr, 07:56 am
    lifeinpixels: naathim, head on over to Mauritania and trade with me on Guinea. I'm afraid my spots are disappearing.
  • 05 Apr, 04:12 am
    nikeboix69: I just hope you are done hurting me instead of someone else naathim. You could have easily attacked pixels which had 25 on BC and You had to attack me which my territories had 32 + 12 = 44.
  • 05 Apr, 04:13 am
    nikeboix69: Knowing I might not win this one I might just suicide on you naathim hehehe
  • 05 Apr, 07:37 am
    lifeinpixels: naathim you made the right choice :)
  • 05 Apr, 08:58 am
    naathim: lol it wasn't really on purpose nike, just where I thought I had the best chance, you were weakest with your tens in iran, then I just needed to get somewhere weaker, although matty's probably going to either kill me off or block me up during hi
  • 05 Apr, 09:00 am
    naathim: and if I had gone against lip, I'd have no other places to go, would have completely wasted a stack. this at least frees me up.
  • 05 Apr, 05:26 pm
    UltrasPlot: whoever gets choked for cards first loses :/
  • 05 Apr, 05:27 pm
    UltrasPlot: i.e. nowhere to grab a card
  • 05 Apr, 05:43 pm
    Matty: Who still wants to play this game? I don't think it's going to have a winner anymore, unless ppl start doing stupid things, which we won't, as it's the DXII game.
  • 05 Apr, 07:05 pm
    nikeboix69: I thought according to Vexer, you can choose to end it Matty? I choose end it and in favor of a foolproof tournament right away, ie 1 vs 1 tournaments.
  • 05 Apr, 08:25 pm
    naathim: I agree, end and have 1v1. Yes those are much more reliant on luck, but that's why it's called risk and not sit at home with your feet up and trade territories for cards.
  • 05 Apr, 10:05 pm
    Spartakus: i agreed to 1 vs 1 if you all want or just end this
  • 06 Apr, 01:16 am
    lifeinpixels: I'd rather just wait until the tournament for March/April.
  • 06 Apr, 02:39 am
    Spartakus: i vote that we (5 player still alive) crete new game on clasik map, deathmatch, incrashing, addvanced cards ?
  • 06 Apr, 02:39 am
    Spartakus: vote please
  • 06 Apr, 06:22 am
    lifeinpixels: I dunno, I recall the last game like that ended in a stalemate too. But if the rest of you want to, I wouldn't be opposed.
  • 06 Apr, 06:23 am
    lifeinpixels: Looks like we've all at least voted to end this game. Matty please do us the honors.
  • 06 Apr, 01:17 pm
    Matty: Game is ended. Last game ended stalemate partly because it became a 3v3 at the worst possible moment.
  • 06 Apr, 01:19 pm
    Matty: This one stalemated because it started as a capped game I think, which effectively stopped us doing anything around the 50 card turn in.
  • 06 Apr, 01:20 pm
    Matty: I prefer not to do 1v1's, but to start a new DXII tourney for april.
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