• Gametype: Deathmatch
  • Players: 9
  • Game 29083
  • Teams: Free for all
  • Turn order: Consecutive
Cards (underlined if owned):
Next card bonus: 4
Secret alliances and teams are not allowed. Temporary alliances must be made in the game chat. See the site rules.
paladinman 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Holt 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
killrick 0x 193 troops 91 territories 82 reinforcements reinforcements
sekretar 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
jaconan 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Fendi 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
thaithai 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
k_w_cheng 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
Vexer 0x 0 troops 0 territories 0 reinforcements reinforcements
  • 19 Apr, 10:12 am
    Vexer: I tried to give everyone their primary or secondary color but to maximize that I had to screw over jaconan and paladinman with non prefered colors. I'll make sure to give you red next time jaconan.
  • 19 Apr, 10:15 am
    Vexer: figures i would have to go last after getting to go first last time. :(
  • 19 Apr, 10:15 am
    Vexer: good luck
  • 19 Apr, 04:30 pm
    jaconan: That's cool...I don't mind trying something new.
  • 19 Apr, 06:02 pm
    marcoxa: this is going to be some match...
  • 19 Apr, 07:05 pm
    Holt: Good luck everyone...
  • 19 Apr, 07:07 pm
    Votazap: Killrick still plays??
  • 19 Apr, 07:54 pm
    killrick: hi all and good luck
  • 19 Apr, 07:54 pm
    killrick: yup im back zappy ready for war
  • 19 Apr, 07:55 pm
    killrick: first time on this map looks like fun
  • 19 Apr, 09:29 pm
    sekretar: hi, gl
  • 20 Apr, 02:32 am
    tippy: TEAM FENDI!
  • 21 Apr, 01:26 pm
    Fendi: Thank you for your support tippy. =)
  • 22 Apr, 03:45 pm
    Thorpe: TEAM THORPE! Whoops I am not playing! Waiting for Capital game...go Holt the Bolt
  • 22 Apr, 07:23 pm
    -NoXoN-: gl everyone
  • 23 Apr, 10:03 am
    Holt: Thanks for the confidence Thorpe XD
  • 02 May, 04:01 am
    Holt: wow looks like Jaconan is on this one...
  • 02 May, 08:15 am
    Vexer: holy crap. i think next time we will do two 6 player games and have two dominators. 9p is too slow and too easy for someone to walk the board on a killing spree
  • 02 May, 08:16 am
    Vexer: unlike the 8p game last time where we were able to stop sekretar, i'm not sure we can stop jaconan
  • 02 May, 08:17 am
    Vexer: he'd have to be forced to hold 5 cards and everyone else turn in a 3 and attack him
  • 02 May, 08:19 am
    Vexer: i broke two of his regions.. your turn
  • 02 May, 07:45 pm
    Holt: wow just horrible rolls too.. I think this one is over =/
  • 02 May, 07:45 pm
    Holt: gg everyone
  • 02 May, 07:51 pm
    killrick: oh no  you didnt have a cash in either? now weere in trouble
  • 02 May, 07:52 pm
    killrick: well sekretar its all up to you to take down the giant  go get um
  • 02 May, 09:06 pm
    killrick: hey vexter   just a sugestion next d12 ruler of the world game could be more like a tournement  say 4 games with 3 ppl each then the 4 winners play for world domination
  • 02 May, 09:07 pm
    killrick: but for the now lets gang up on jaconen
  • 02 May, 10:12 pm
    jaconan: i'm not feeling the love here!
  • 03 May, 01:14 am
    Holt: No I couldnt cash in =/
  • 03 May, 01:16 am
    Holt: Honestly if sek can't turn in then this game is surely over... If it ends on this turn though good game everyone and good job jaco
  • 03 May, 08:22 pm
    killrick: HOLT  can you say never surrender??
  • 03 May, 10:54 pm
    jaconan: ok you guys can all pounce on me now...of course whoever gets the next bonus will have the same number of men as me
  • 03 May, 10:55 pm
    jaconan: ..and so will the buy after that
  • 03 May, 10:56 pm
    killrick: um jaconan?
  • 03 May, 10:57 pm
    killrick: why didnt you finish him off?
  • 03 May, 10:57 pm
    killrick: you slipping?
  • 04 May, 12:33 am
    Holt: Ouch that hurt... Well I guess Vexer will have a go at me now..
  • 04 May, 12:40 am
    Holt: I got to say though if I don't get another turn good game to everyone I really enjoyed it.
  • 04 May, 02:37 am
    killrick: you will be missed holt  happy trails
  • 04 May, 03:02 am
    jaconan: i dodnt have a set and i had some bad dice...all the planning in the world doesn't help if the dice are on vacation
  • 04 May, 03:13 am
    jaconan: that one in thailand got me
  • 04 May, 04:34 am
    Holt: If Vexer can not turn in then he will not have enough to kill me...
  • 04 May, 07:53 am
    Vexer: I don't think killing you would be a winning move cause I would not be able to turn in afterwards. . I'd rather not remove 15 more enemy troops from the board for jaconan. I hope you can turn in but if not then killrick will get you and maybe h
  • 04 May, 07:54 am
    Vexer: sorry jaconan, i hate to see the guy who gets ahead early have an easy win
  • 04 May, 08:48 am
    jaconan: no worries...none of this is personal
  • 04 May, 08:54 am
    Holt: Well I just lost way too many troops so I know this isnt going to work out for me..
  • 04 May, 08:54 am
    Holt: These rolls today have been horrendous..
  • 04 May, 07:36 pm
    killrick: weeeeeee  now were havin fun
  • 04 May, 08:08 pm
    jaconan: well now i'm am certainly no longer the threat...Killrick about to get almost 90 men next turn
  • 04 May, 11:30 pm
    Holt: Yeah I screwed that last turn up guys and didnt cover sek like I needed to do..
  • 04 May, 11:30 pm
    Holt: Good game everyone...
  • 05 May, 07:11 pm
    jaconan: nice game killrick
  • 05 May, 07:38 pm
    killrick: well if you have a cash in now we can make this game more painfull
  • 05 May, 07:46 pm
    killrick: if not its been a good game
  • 05 May, 08:52 pm
    Vexer: hmm, i guess it was possible to take down the person who got the early lead. Now I feel bad for sacrificing myself to do it.
  • 05 May, 09:22 pm
    jaconan: good game all
  • 05 May, 11:46 pm
    killrick: thx for the sacrifice vexter
  • 05 May, 11:46 pm
    killrick: gg all
  • 06 May, 12:09 am
    Vexer: gg. nice win. honestly i think jaconan could have blocked your win though.
  • 06 May, 03:35 am
    jaconan: vexer...once he hed thd same numbdr of men with 5 cards the game was over
  • 06 May, 07:17 am
    Holt: Good game Killrick I wish I wouldn't have screwed that last turn I had up but either way well played..
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