Along side fixed cards and increasing cards, we now have capped cards.
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Hoodlum wrote:
Got a message about capped games not working. will do a test

18 Feb 2019, 01:26 pm
Hey Hoodlum. I see you are admin. I don't think I've went about it the right way but I've tried to highlight to admin that the turn in limits aren't working in the games I've been playing. As you may know I only play one type of game and I always set the card turn in limit to 10 armies. For a while now the limit hasn't set for games and we end up with turn ins of 20+ armies if the games go on long enough. Kind of makes the games absurd when there are that many armies coming in to play. Wondered if you might know who to communicate with to fix that.


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Matty wrote:
If this is what I think it is, it's a problem with the select things in the create a game page.
I should remake that page. It almost always works (it always does for me). But apparently sometimes it bugs out for other ppl.

In the short term, try upgrading your browser to the latest version - either that or try clicking the capped card setting twice.
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Dima wrote:
cap + fog = best settings ever. thx
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