Atlanteans vs IA Mafia game
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Anaxagore wrote:
so does that mean i get my alert gun back after the next night?

Assuming you sold an item to Salomon, and assuming this item is an alert gun, then yes.
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Virtuosity98 wrote:
@hoodlum: Alert is clearly not a gun.
@town: this guy is the most blatant liar there is. And he slipped the net. I can't even......
"virt is right..."
- Hoodlum
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Why are you so keen to be caligula here, but you claimed Qin Shi Huang to Vicious to get her on your side?

Lying scum.
"virt is right..."
- Hoodlum
Anaxagore wrote:
Vicious is lynched. He was Salomon, an Atlantean.

Still in game: 4 Atlanteans - 1 IA - 1 Psychopath
The game is getting tight.

Remaining players:

1. Hoodlum
2. Mayba (Persephone) 
3. CheekyTeeky (Moctezuma)
4. Virtuosity98
5. Kyla (Mansa Moussa)
6. Elysium5
7. Muzthebus
8. KoE_Doja (Saladin)
9. GM_Archiee (Cleopatra)
10. Paulcha
11. Kordalinge (The Merovingian)
12. Vicious (Salomon)
13. Goldy

It's NIGHT 4 (ends in 24 hours)
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Muzthebus wrote:
what the fudge!
Guys we need to step it up town...
doesnt look good.
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Anaxagore wrote:
No one was found dead this morning.

Still in game: 4 Atlanteans - 1 IA - 1 Psychopath

It's DAY 5
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Virtuosity98 wrote:
Hoodlum, Ely will confirm that he attacked you last night with his Qin Shi Huang ability. He didn't die, so you're not town. You didn't die, so you're the psychopath.

The road ends here my friend.
"virt is right..."
- Hoodlum
elysium5 wrote:
You sneaky psycho, Hood!

Mike Donovan: How'd someone like that get to be your leader anyway?

Martin: Charisma. Circumstances, promises... Not enough of us spoke out to question him until it was too late. It happens on your planet, doesn't it?
Hoodlum wrote:
Someone hidden comes to you and offers one item in exchange of 3 votes.
The items are one gun with one bullet, a drug to distract, or a drug to heal.

You can buy one of them and you'll start the lynch day with 3 votes on you.
You can also propose to sell your gun, bullet and bullet proof vest to this player, and because you have two items if he accepts you'll start the lynch day with -3 votes today and tomorrow (however this player may be suspicious if you have a gun to sell..)