Atlanteans vs IA Mafia game
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Anaxagore wrote:
In the late 21st century, the world as you know it is completely dominated by an IA, and all humans are enslaved.
In order to keep improving its skills in domination, the IA decide to create a new virtual reality matrix in which it will fight against the brightest humans who ever lived.
After having spawn back to life on a wonderful greek island the top 20 leaders of all time, the IA takes 3 of them under control.
However, the IA has made a little mistake during the spawning back process: it mixed one of the leaders' DNA with Patrick Bateman's one, a psychopath.

Will the leaders succeed in beating the IA and being free to build the new Atlantis on this new universe or will the IA win again?

Spoiler (click to show)

Spoiler (click to show)

Who is in? I'll adapt the list of roles depending on the number of players.
CheekyTeeky wrote:
This game seems very imbalanced. Most likely to win is town>psycho>mafia. 

I'll play anyway.
You have a keen military mind Pod...
elysium5 wrote:
For sure!
Mike Donovan : How'd someone like that get to be your leader anyway?

Martin : Charisma. Circumstances, promises... Not enough of us spoke out to question him until it was too late. It happens on your planet, doesn't it?