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AlexCheckMate wrote:
So ask yourselves my fellow survivors. Why is there only one gun on this island? Trust the French to be woefully under-gunned!!


Some comments:

I agree wholeheartedly with Sygmassacre with regard to how a host should host a mafia game. I do not believe that a host should influence the game; of course, there are things that will have an influence and can't be prevented - but stuff like how a gun gets distributed, lovers assigned, mentioning to people they aren't using their actions/abilities optimally... I do not believe that any of that belongs in a game. That's kind of active influencing. As opposed to posting a lynch vote update / reminder for deadline is more passive influence and is np imo.

Having said that, I can understand that in a game as small as this one (9 players), a host gets tempted quite a bit to DO influence the game, as otherwise a few 'unfortunate' events for 1 team could end the game very rapidly - which would not bring a lot of fun to any of the players, nor the host.

And for the record, winning the gun wasn't just about picking the most beautiful woman in the world but giving your unique reason why you chose her;)

I'm sorry... but the text that got provided next to the picture had no influence at all.

small snippet
AlexCheckMate said:
24 Jun 2019, 20:33
pfffff, you make up rules as you go
i just wanted to send in about 4 billion
Anaxagore said:
24 Jun 2019, 20:35
i just made a fun little game, just show me your taste..
and it's not the end if you don't get the gun


 Anaxagore said:
25 Jun 2019, 20:20
btw no need to sell her haha
AlexCheckMate said:
25 Jun 2019, 20:21
sell her?
AlexCheckMate said:
25 Jun 2019, 20:21
you mean - the story doesnt add to it? you just want a pic?
Anaxagore said:
25 Jun 2019, 20:22
a pic and a name
AlexCheckMate said:
25 Jun 2019, 20:22
geez, all that trouble for nothing :<

^so it's all just about the picture. Which is fully subjective/taste. Furthermore, I do think that Anax (subconsciously) predetermined that a townie would win the gun. Which makes sense with respect to keeping the game stable... (and in that sense is good for all participants, to enjoy the game longer) but I do not think this is proper modding. Should've just initially handed the gun to a townie as part of their role - not some phony contest.

Another fun thing, imo:

more chitchat
Anaxagore said:
26 Jun 2019, 22:03
AlexCheckMate Night 1 result:
Inventory = 0

"You have been distracted"
AlexCheckMate said:
26 Jun 2019, 22:04
so my stuff failed?

Anaxagore said:
26 Jun 2019, 22:05
AlexCheckMate said:
26 Jun 2019, 22:07
well, at least i didnt fall in love
Anaxagore said:
26 Jun 2019, 22:32
technically speaking, in a LOST scenario, being distracted would mean... being raped :)

makes me wonder how many people wouldve used the distract ability, knowing what it would mean xD

I was surprised that ely and v98 managed to kill each other... I would assume that with either of them going 6 feet under, he wouldn't be able to kill the other one... (it's not like poison... it's instant things they use to kill with).

Also the selection of the lovers was fully subjective. He handpicked them. I can appreciate that he wanted a mafia and a townie - everyone assumed that. However, I do believe it should've still been randomised - or even not incorporated in a 9p game at all. To add to that... I wonder what he wouldve done if I didn't manage to get V98 back into the game (he wasn't loggin in at all - I had BB94 bug him while he's in Africa ;d), would he have skipped the lovers? Or make it 2 townies? (1 mafia + 1 town would be a deadblow to mafia and 2 mafia would be senseless :p). If Anax wants to elaborate on his take of how he selected the couple, that's fine - but I guess I do not want to disclose more about it; too awkward.

As for how I played the game myself... I guess I wasn't too invested this time. Left most of the thinking to syg/v98, just tagged along. Then at some point I realised that mafia was probably in a pickle with this lover thing... thought about it for some time and then dropped the info in the mafia chat - v98 quickly picked up on it and syg didn't want to hear of it, just play mafia. I however completely lost any motivation :D wanted to get rid of either syg or v98 before continuing, as I saw no point in making loads of plots with the 3 of us and then find out later that I somehow mysteriously died from some shizzle with lovers... the talking behind the scenes/3 factions in 9p game... that stuff just doesn't make for an interesting game for me.

MVP to ely? I dunno. The not posting (just once) in the thread bothers me - but I suppose I'm a minority there, which is fine - to each their own. No clue what he did behind the scenes, the shot on V98 was ofc fantastic, but no clue how much of that was brilliance or just some luck; ofc with me being mafia, it was rather easy to spot v98; can't judge how that would be from towns perspective.

All in all - was a good game and did bring enjoyment.

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Anaxagore wrote:
If i had say how the lovers were picked, they would have been busted... and i told you after the game Virt and Kyla saw each other night 1.

The gun attribution was not fixed, i said it many times. I'm not even gona comment on the many questions you asked me privately, asking me some pics of my girlfriend for instance. Everytime something doesn't go your way, you complain or think i cheated...

I dare you to name one thing in which i really influenced the game, and don't say telling jimi night 1 he had one more vanilla action available is taking side.. I did for you too one night, you know it.

As for Elysium being MVP, sure he didn't talk a lot in the forum, but he had many private chats. He according to me made the best night actions, fishing everynight to prepare for the future while keeping his gun. He made a great read and I know how hard it can be when you are Town. Not gona add that Town won so it makes sense a townie gets it.

You love attacking me and i remained nice, but to be honest, you played badly. It was written since the start the lovers could be from any faction... nevertheless you didn't even had any private chat with Syg because you preferred waiting to be contacted.
Also, although Syg and Virt suggested it, you didn't try at any moment to make a deal with your partner to cooperate. Sure one of you was a mole but Virt had no interest in getting one of you killed/lynched early.
The game was based on game theory, if mafia worked together with the lovers, town was dead. That was the whole principle of the game. If you were so smart you would have figured it out.

When it comes to strategy you could have tried to poison every town (at a moment there were 4 towns vs 2 lovers vs 2 mafia and Syg had 3 poisons), to then distract both your team mates to make sure the mole wouldn't heal him. And that's just one strategy, there were plenty.
I'm sorry some mafia games are harder to win than the Kids with Gun game where no night actions endangered your cover.

When you loose, act like a man, don't be a bad looser.
Anyhow if you don't like my games, don't join next time. It will save me some energy and some time.
Jimi wrote:
It was a great game anax, fun and needs real strategy, that's where i screwed hehe.. Honestly my language is not helping me to understand everything and all the chats... Let's host one in Arabic and let's see how everyone performs, hehe.

Loved the idea of this game and the 2 actions thing needed smart decisions, even if you don't post on the thread.. That's why I am sure ely deserved MVP, he is an intellectual guy.


“While you were so busy forcing me into a boner, you forgot you were committing one yourself.”

Hoodlum wrote:
@Hoodlum - winged it. only read the game stuff in post one when needed to. started paying attention when syg started talking about the lovers soulmates. i started thinking about how anax would create the gameplay. opposing faction lovers. the gun would be distributed to town, since we all had the ability to knife/kill. when jimi said he could revive once, and me thinking he was one of the soulmates, and that he could die/revive as an option to detatch factions..i overthunkkk and was fixated that jimi had to be mafia. initially, just baffled at how syg and kyla voted to lynch jimi over something small. was jimi a target to frame because they knew his revive ability? or another reason? such as he struggles to express? anyway, my early game play was to pressure alex. he talks a lot and getting him to be annoying will take the focus off me. i just wanna live a few days, lay lowish.. plus..if he's lynched i don't have to read so much. good enough for a sacrificial vote, win move if he gets lynched mafia, win,,don't have to read much.
@Virtuosity98 - he needs to butter me up, a bit to bait me..i am trying to live a few days, so no need to be so aggressive getting me to explain myself! i'm at the point of lynching fellow town members who are hurdles to my own game, causing wasted effort in proving i'm town. given up on that..people dont comprehend it, or they are just straight up mafia. virt is smart, so he's just straight up mafia this game.
@elysium5 - he immediately recognized that i felt he said.. this is what virt needed to do. make me feel comfortable to work with, figure out how i was thinking, rather than try the pressure explain yourself thing.. ely is hard to read, and quiet this game but he usually warms up after a few days.. we both attacked v98 the same night. i was distracted, and ely shot. it wasn't coordinated, or influenced by me. great choice, and noone seemed to suspect he had the gun?
@Sygmassacre - mafia mvp. i was convinced he was town. eventually got me convinced that he was mafia. great play.
@Jimi - if he had similarly buttered me up and play along with the bro down, rather than put me on the defensive (i'm just trying to live a few days) saying it's either me or alex as mafia, then i could of worked with him..just as i did with v98, i just told him i was mafia eventually, thinking they knew i knew they were, cept jimi wasn't...
@Kyla - all over the place, confusing lynches, but usually hard to read. always seems town, because she doesn't go and put me on the defensive..good butterer
@huskers01 - well, he's shy about joining these games cause he gets voted off early, but being inactive doesn't help with this ruthless crew
@AlexCheckMate - immediately feel sorry for any mod hosting mafia games..i can imagine the questions lol. can we have a second account type questions. i wonder how many pictures he sent to anaxagore for the gun. a little self awareness goes a long way. less is more, a picture says a thousand words.
@WMatar - enjoyed his/her involvement. i couldn't really tell if u were mafia or town, but i'll get to read ya better soon.

i agree with ely as mvp. i ballsed up convinced jimi was mafia, but jimi voted to lynch me over syg anyway, so there was no considering he wasn't. dunno how much messaging ely did but he managed to lay low from distraction and shot v98 in the face! great read.
me vs syg. i googled the iran thing. still don't know if it was right/wrong, me and syg were both right or both wrong lol.
i expected i'd get distracted whether i had the gun or not. so i just distracted him from knifing/shooting me, and purchased a fake vote. syg probably shoulda distracted,fake,fake with his 3 votes. probably shoulda won the game with his actions, and having a hint to what i said mine was.
can't blame the ref bro. :D
'saders for the win!
Kyla wrote:
Before I knew you were town, I thought you were town Hood. Was an odd experience ^^

Some behind the scenes thoughts: Anax didn't tell me virt was my partner, he just said Rupert. So I had to post my name so he could reach out to me. Posted I had poison as well to distract incase people didn't like the name claim. I lynched against Alex at the start just because he put off mafia Vibes. Then later I purely lynched against Jimi because syg did, he said he would heal me when I didn't know he was mafia, and I just wanted his trust. Then virt said he was mafia and suggested lynching elysium5 I think, so I thought I could lynch him for name claiming to find lover, which is what I did. Then I felt like it made me look bad so unlynched. Then I realised I haven't really given any reads and hoped no one noticed, time to use more emojis so people think I'm town ^^

I thought WMatar was town but when you lynched at deadline it made you look bad to me. Not that I was playing for town anyways ^^

As for the modding interference, the picture thing was odd I guess, we probably didn't need a gun anyways. I don't think informing us we can take more actions is unfair since he would tell all Factions. I'm not sure what exactly happened towards the end, but i feel syg won in my heart ^^ isn't there usually a town and mafia mvp anyways? Wow longest post I've wrote all game lol