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Virtuosity98 wrote:
Muzthebus was lynched. He was the Rich mafia. He was wearing a Dark Blue mask.

It is now Night 7. Please conduct any actions you wish to perform.
Night 7 will end as soon as all the night actions are in.
NIGHT ACTIONS: (click to show)
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Sygmassacre wrote:
Spoiler (click to show)

Muzz is lynched. During the night i douse Cheeky and jimmy1666. The next morning I'm electcted capitalistic mayor and in the afternoon Alex is lynched. At night # ignit. I am the only one left.. In case you think you have a shot all the money you spend in fake votes comes back to me.. I won.
Can we all agree and save some time?

This was the only flaw in an otherwise well thought out and run game. Cant wait to play this format again. Shot v98!!
Unfortunately you have been Sygmassacred and for you the chase...is over
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Not the only flaw.... I'll make a thorough post about it after the game has officially ended - and I'll be hoping for feedback from you guys :)
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Virtuosity98 wrote:
Town News Day 8 (click to show)

The Game is now over. Anaxagore is the only winner. He was the Entrepeneur (hostile neutral).
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Kyla wrote:
Thank you very much :) was a fun game. Very enjoyable to watch those fake ID lynches ^^
AlexCheckMate wrote:
ghehe, thx for remembering =D

well played Anaxagore. bagged it! =)

Looking forward to read all your conceptual and detail thought V98 (as well as from other people), e.g. while thinking up the game/mechanics, while the game was ongoing and now after it has ended.
+ full description of roles
+ full changes you made (e.g. pricechanges due (ab)use of spraypaint in combination with capitalist regime)
+ full events (I just can't help but wonder what the mafiosi have been doing all game)
+ ...
+ ...

Thanks for hosting - had fun playing, although I got too frustrated at times, ghehe.

My main personal problem with the game: Inactivity. Real and 'faked' inactivity. I feel as if the game would've been better if there was no communication behind the scenes allowed (except for select groups, such as the mafia). Or maybe very limited, such as with the spray paints (PS - 25 char/can? that's just proper useless.... lol.... try 25 words or smth :p). If the inactives would've been screened before they got accepted, or replaced after X time. For another thing; certain aspects were rather OverPowered in the game - some changes there would be beneficial too I believe.

All in all - I've been entertained. =)

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