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cbt711 wrote:
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Red region changed only again
Votazap wrote:
The mountains are looking really great and the way they kinda slope down into the regions is a very nice touch. I also like the textures on the regions. The main thing I would suggest is working on the ocean because to me it looks like it needs to be a tad bit "sharper". That could be just me though. Also, the red region looks significantly brighter than the other regions now, I honestly liked it better before. However, all said and done, the whole map looks awesome and I cant wait to play it!
Vexer wrote:
I think the colors need a lot of tweaking with hue and saturation. They don't flow from one to the next very well. I also suggest swapping red and pink because pink flows to the bright blue ocean color better.

Here's what I mean:
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If you like any of the color changes I can send you the psd so you can see all of the adjustments to hue and saturation.
Virtuosity98 wrote:
I love this, it's getting better every time I see it! I like Vexer's colour editions, but the best thing is the land textures that make the mountains fit the land :). I am amazed that it flows so well now in all regions, especially in Spring Falls (I like the names too :)).
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cbt711 wrote:
@Vexer - I gave the original psd to fendi so she can play with the colors. I really like swapping red and pink, don't like the water getting washed out some but that might have been a byproduct of tweaking everything else.
Vexer wrote:
If the water is too bright then it doesn't look right with the colors. Maybe I desaturated it too much.

Let's see if Fendi can do a better job.
Fendi wrote:
So this is what I have so far. (I have yet started with the ocean.) What I've done is that I made the textures on the land a bit more visible and brightened the whole thing up (looking at it now I maybe made it too bright), I also tweaked other things.
I also worked (and am still working) with the mountains, some areas still need some more tweaking but this is basically what I had in mind.


cbt711 wrote:
I like the playable region, but think the mountains were better before as they over power everything now.

Curious though, why do you and Vexer want to mess with the ocean? It's bright, but more light than vivid, not sucking attention away from the map. It's not Realm of honored players or Faulkland Islands V.1 distracting by any means. I think it can stay, and a lot of people tell me it's their favorite part. Just food for thought on that subject. 

I think your territory colors/textures are great, what settings did you play with? 
PsymonStark wrote:
Personally I think that orange and brown colors are not good together, they are too similar. Also I find a texture pattern repeating in the red, yellow and purple region. I also like better the mountains before, but overall I think the colors and textures Fendi put are the best.
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cbt711 wrote:
Here is the texture: (yes I did save it Psymon!)
Spoiler (click to show)

So there is plenty to chose from without it repeating. The process to make the texture overlay was (before Fendi):
Place texture over region, mask region border, invert mask, switch to texture layer, delete texture outside of region border.
Change to hard light, 35-55% opacity depending on color of region. Effects -> brush stroke: cross hatch, default pattern
Effects -> Blur: Blur.
Repeat Blur as needed to match look of other region textures. Usually just once.

Then whatever Fendi did from there. That would get rid of the repeated textures, which wasn't a big deal when you couldn't see them so clearly :)

Colors could rotate with the bottom 3 as follows:
The Valley: green
Lookout cove: Orange
Spring Falls: Brown
naathim wrote:
The two red/pink regions are fairly similar in color as well as being pretty close in proximity. That bottom river is back to being a different color too, and that is really distracting lol.
Fendi wrote:
@ cbt, first, I changed the texture layers to black and white --> changed them to overlay --> later on changed the brightness/ contrast and also played around with the Exposure settings till I found a level I liked, I did so with all the individual texture layers --> reduced the opacity to around 70 or what looked best. Note that not all the layers are set as overlay, I one that is soft light and one that is hard light.
I used the same texture that you had, I only enhanced it, so I'm not sure about the repeating pattern.
cbt711 wrote:
Awesome, well I can repeat the process I used to get those to NOT repeat, then clone your look for the overall texture / colors. I'm going to rotate orange, brown, green so orange and green aren't touching.

Might go a touch more maroon on the red, to get away from the pink being too similar. Really like the look, will see how it goes when I get home. Thanks!
Vexer wrote:
The colors are too saturated now. It's too bright.

Fendi's looked good except the red wasn't dark enough.
Swapping the colors around worked but you didn't need to mess with the saturation.