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cbt711 wrote:
Naathim, refresh the page, how do the rivers and attack lines look now?

Also normalized coloring of rivers and brightened attack lines now, thanks to Naathim. Replaced the file so it should show up in previous post.

new page reference repost (click to show)
PsymonStark wrote:
It may be only me, but I feel like the mountain shadows makes them look like another grey sea... It makes the land stand out, as it has to, but I feel it weird. I have no idea how to solve it, and people likes it so it's not important. I think though that the lower part of the mountains is a bit too dark.

By the way, could be possible to reduce the texture of the background in the rivers by a tad? I think they all look well but the first part of the southern one, until it merges with the smaller one.

And this may be too picky, but the transition in the borders river/sea feels a bit too harsh...

But overall I like the colors and textures on play, maybe the purple region is too dark, being that close to the brownish one?
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cbt711 wrote:
I liked the mountains better than the playing area, and the water the most. So I spent all day yesterday detailing the playing area. Now I like the playing area better than the mountains (and still the water is better than both). I guess I can play with a little more rocky texture on the mountains. I wanted a great shading scale on them to give the impression of depth. They look amazing on my laptop, but a bit too contrasting and dark edged on my work computer now. On my phone and ipad, they actually don't look gray (grey) and that boggles my mind as they have a touch of yellow / brown in them. That will have to be taken out, as they should be 100% monochromatic (gray scale).

I still like the hand painted look, though. Not sure how to keep it and get it to match the map overall. Especially now that the tunnel entrances and bridges are drawn in pretty crisp 3D.

I think I might move the border near the north tunnel entrance to give the tracks some room. then I can pull the graphic out a bit to give them the depth of the tracks in the south.
cbt711 wrote:
On second thought, I still really like the mountains. :( No clue what to do.

I'm just going to list these here so I don't lose them
Names (click to show)

Cireon wrote:
I think the shadows are the biggest problem here. The mountains look really disconnected from the rest of the map.
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cbt711 wrote:
Fun with shadows
Spoiler (click to show)

Stuck with gimp and no layers right now on this computer. Just toying around. Made top mountains same shade as bottom mountains, blended mountain to land with shadow in same direction as bridge shadows. 

Shadow a bit much - just meaner mountain version, no shadow on playing area:
Spoiler (click to show)
naathim wrote:
Maybe if you take the region borders out where the colors hit the mountains it wouldn't be such a stark contrast? It's like there's a dark abyss between the two lol.

The river color differences are much less noticeable now. The connection lines look better as well. Although I'd still brighten them up the tinsiest bit more.

I like the painted look to the mountains and I don't feel like it is too much of a mismatch with the rest of the map. The southern mountains don't really match the northern ones though. They need to be grey-ed up some. Mix a little white/light grey in on the ridges and it should look better.

IDK some of the borders look a little too artificial. There's so much squiggly. But that's a little thing, so eh.

Still loving the background :D
PsymonStark wrote:
Concerning names, Cresta Funesta & Cala Marinera. In Spanish, adjectives usually go after the name, and have gender and number :)

Cresta Funesta sounds like a joke :P
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cbt711 wrote:
Well then someone translate those into masculine names for me? Was going for Raider Crest or Black Crest or Evil crest (all kinda translated the same) and Sailor Cove

@Naathim, I can get rid of the shadow later on the outer edge of the mountains when I get home later tonight really easily as it's just a layer on its own. That and the last version posted without the drop shadow would probably look pretty good.
PsymonStark wrote:
As far I can see, every name is correct. I don't understand what you mean with masculine. There is no masculine form of Costa, Cala or Cresta. Cazadora is the female counterpart of Cazador, hunter.

Maybe Pico de la Muerte, Death Peak instead of Cresta Funesta. It rhymes and makes it look like a joke as I previously said. You could say it's ironic if you want. The other names in Spanish seems fine, as well as those in English.

Edit: Now I understand. Montes Negros, o Pico Negro, would be Black Crest, and Pico de los Ladrones would be Raider Crest. Cala del Marino or Cala del Marinero, would be Sailor Cove, but Cala Marinera/Cala Marina is also ok.
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cbt711 wrote:
How about:
Playa del Marinero
Pico de la Muerte

(yeah switched to beach, sounded cooler)
Going for French / English / Spanish influence like a real pirate hide out would be a mix of all the Caribbean sailing countries, without going too crazy. I know the Dutch and several other countries of origin went from sailor to privateer to pirate.
PsymonStark wrote:
I'd prefer Cala del Marino, because it sounds more pirate-like. They are basically the same thing, but calas normally are well hidden, and are known only by local people. If you don't mind articles, Costa del Pirata would be better.

What a mess we do with editing posts... :P I always edit later than you answer my posts.
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UltrasPlot wrote:
OK Its perfect cbt.
EDIT: cbt told me to post this
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