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cbt711 wrote:
Caps 2-6 (click to show)

Caps 7-9 (click to show)

All are really balanced but 9, which is impossible to get more than 1 step on all caps. So the only balance I could think of was put the adjacent caps on a border, so if they do survive they get a bonus.

Otherwise, 9 player caps might just be disabled.

Special note: 4 and 8 player caps are exactly balanced :)
3, 5, 6, 7 are really close to perfect, but adjacent empty regions make them a bit off, and one 5 has 2 outs, where the other 4 have 3 outs. 

6, 7, 8 can't take bonus without being blocked, but all have two outs exactly and 2 steps to next cap exactly.
PsymonStark wrote:
I don't think that 9p caps can be disabled, but I don't think either that it will be played more than once or twice :P
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cbt711 wrote:
7, 8, and 9 should be on Welston Springs not Ridge Spa.

Also - I could probably mix 9 up borders and non borders and figure out 2 steps each.

9 p has to have two adjacent because there are 8 regions with 3 territories and all 3 border their region territories. Sooo no I can't make 9p without at least 2 being adjacent.
cbt711 wrote:
Ok fixed the highlights in wrong places, some funkiness around the mountain edge, matched sig font to everything else and moved it to the corner. Updated mini map. Cleaned up river and border meeting points. Lightened the southern river color to match shallow water and other rivers. Moved some territory names around since they are now smaller in the new font.

tramadol wrote:
I don't comment on maps much because I feel I might hinder, but now that it's finished.. If you want me to play this map cbt711, you'll have to show your signature a little better, be proud man!

I turn my back for 5 minutes and Cbt made another map. Keep 'em coming guys, the site is going from strength to strength.
BTW are you and aero in a race to see who can make a map the quickest? LOL
Nice balanced gameplay BTW.
Virtuosity98 wrote:
I'm being picky but I think you ignored or didn't register what BETA said earlier about tunnel misalignment with its connection.

Take a look at the southern tunnel entrance here:

Current Version (click to show)
The tracks don't align with the connection.

In an older version, it is aligned:

Older Version (click to show)

It's a small complaint but it would look more professional if it was changed.
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cbt711 wrote:
@Vir, I don't want to move the attack line on the south track towards the mountain border any more.

And the top one is in line (notice the tracks curve into the tunnel, hard to see though.

@tram - thanks for the kind words!
BETA wrote:
Perhaps you can rotate the southern tracks counterclockwise to align them to the path.
cbt711 wrote:
That makes them not parallel to your view where they stop. That would drive me way more crazy than connecting line alignment. 

Fine, just to make everyone's tiniest complaints fixed. I fixed it. I just skewed the track perspective back into the tunnel to line up with the dotted line. :)

The change was made to the file itself, so click the link above and refresh to see it. Also made the sig slightly more apparent for tram.
UltrasPlot wrote:
Guys can we all stop complaining so we can have this in BETA faster? :P

Anyways I like it. :)
Fendi wrote:
There is a pixel that is slightly darker than the rest if you look closely at the bottom of the map, could you remove it?

Spoiler (click to show)
cbt711 wrote:
that (click to show)