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cbt711 wrote:
I'll work on that, you take your turn!

Ok how about THIS:
desaturated (click to show)

Even less saturated: (my computer seems to see stuff less vivid than my tablet, so this is over compensating)
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Vexer wrote:
The pink and red are right on the first one but all the rest need +1 or 2 saturation.
cbt711 wrote:
So undo the saturation some on all but northshore and highlands on the first one posted?
Vexer wrote:
my comment was referring to the first image in post 121.
cbt711 wrote:
Ok, I'm going to bed - so last try
Not too bright, not too dull I hope (click to show)
naathim wrote:
Hmmm. Looks to dull to me :P

I think part of the problem is that yellow color you've chosen doesn't show the texture very well. Which seems to negate a lot of the saturation adjustments. And throws off a lot of the map since it's the focal point/center.

That white/grey/brown you've got in Spring Falls is pretty drab too. I thought it was fine when it had the undyed linen color to it. This iteration not so much.
cbt711 wrote:
It literally depends on which computer I'm on. It looks like you say on my laptop, but on my phone or tablet or desktop at work, it's bright and vivid minus springs falls, which is supposed to me mountain transition dark. I don't know which I should go for:
Too bright on good monitors.
Too dark on bad monitors.
Fendi wrote:
So here's one with some minor changes. I made the Highlands a bit more red, added just a little texture to some regions and played around with some other things. I will see what I can do about the mountains some other time.

cbt711 wrote:
Ok made the colors some combo of Vexer and Fendi. Threw in font.
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Vexer wrote:
I prefer Fendi's version and it's more than just the colors. Everything else on the land looks better too.

The font takes some getting used to before it's readable because of the italics. Perhaps try making it bold.
cbt711 wrote:
I think Fendi's looks too paper like. Wanted kinda a scraped wood look over a land texture. But almost rounded, like eroded from mountain to sea.

I can throw that same texture in pretty easily, though.

I hate the black mountain transition though on Fendi's. It's a white layer, so inverted blending options give it the 3D effect. Just seems over powering on hers.

I can send you and her the .psd, I think I'm about out of iterations.

Colors look great to me but I'm back on my laptop again :) so I'm seriously guessing. I don't think I can get the look you want because I just can't see what you see based on my setup alone.
cbt711 wrote:
More texture, subtle text. Thankfully, I figured out how to change all the font at once. Did NOT know how to do that on Solar System, changing font killed me then.

Last one for the night.
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Dsds7292 wrote:
Another note would be it's hard to see the territory names, they almost blend into the map, especially in Spring Falls. Also, your minimap's region colors are different than the actual colors on your map which is bugging the heck out of me due to OCD. ;)