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MAPS wrote:
Instead of listing whoever has finished at least 30 games, I think this list should include players that have finished at least 30 games in the last 30 days. I don't even remember when was the last time I played some of the players on that list, and I am here all the time.
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skarni wrote:
Thelast dominator is out of the game... My horrible rush (I got job changes and have no time to play and also not a lot of concentration on my games) has punished me. I lost over 1000 points in 2 months, but I will be back when everything is calm again in my life!
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Matty wrote:
@Maps, that way people that prefer long term games and don't pay for premium will never be able to join a DXII game, that's unfair I think.
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oliver wrote:
Missing rogerfederer and skarni on top12. I hope we can see them soon.
I am on the DXII again ! I must try to do it better than last one ... XD
Joca wrote:'s just one game. I thought we have to play a tournament. I'll join
dragon007 wrote:
I hope I'll be on the next DXII as im winning a fair share of games now that i got back into it...
And well looks like my point total is also skyrocketting and still going up ;)
When the list for september was compelled I was just a Command Sergeant.
Its 2nd Lieutenant dragon007 now :DD
Dferguson wrote:
its called dominating 12.. but only op 9 play in the game of dominator... can a 12 player game be made just for this crown?
Cireon wrote:
That is technically not possible.
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lifeinpixels wrote:
Too bad, i think it would be funny if nothing more... even better, put it on the caribbean or some other small map! Everyone gets 2 territories!
Thorpe wrote:
With that set-up lifeinpixels we would never play you see us play it now...maybe that is why we are in the top, cause we play maps that take more skill than luck...Crazy idea, but it could be fun to
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lifeinpixels wrote:
Yeah I know, that's why it would be amusing. You might even have 1-2 players die before their first turn haha.
Dferguson wrote:
If a 12 in a game cant be done then since the title of dominator how about two 6 player games (set up NHL playoff style) so its not just top 6 in one game bottom 6 in the other but intermixed. Then after the winners from each game face of in a 2 player game.