The current 12 best players on the site
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killrick wrote:
# 23 !!!!!! argh!!!  thats it no more mr nice guy!!!
i will get that d12 badge back
skarni wrote:
I am on my highest rank now, lets see if i can get in!!
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gragg9 wrote:
I wont be in the next 12. I went on a major losing streak and im just starting to recover
Vexer wrote:
Congratulations to the Dominating 12 for May 2013


As with the last list only points were used to make this list. To make it on the list you had to have played at least 30 games total and been active in the last 15 days. thaithai and RedHot713 have enough points to be in the dominating 12 but they haven't finished any games since the last time I made the list so they are not included.

Full List:

Congratulations to Skarni and The_Bishop for making the dominating 12.
lifeinpixels wrote:
Nice job, dominators! I, on the other hand, dropped 36 places thanks to quite a few losses. Oh well, I got my bad luck out of the way; now it's time to get back up there!
gragg9 wrote:
Congratz everyone. I may not be in this 12 but ill be back in June.
Vexer wrote:
8 of the dominating 12 will be battling for the title of dominator on the New York City map using the new game options, domination and capped cards.
elysium5 wrote:
I'll be watching that battle!
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oliver wrote:
Im loosing too much now... but.. happy again ! Im still a dominating ! ;)