The current 12 best players on the site
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skarni wrote:
Any news concerning the D12 for july?
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Cireon wrote:
"And Cireon was nowhere to be seen..."
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Vexer wrote:
Congratulations to the Dominating 12 for July 2013

1 Vexer
2 Matty
3 nikeboix69
4 Fendi
5 Antonis_xania
6 MuzuaneAskari
7 skarni
8 atomictom
9 InigoMontoya
10 sekretar
11 oliver
12 BrewDog

As with the last list only points were used to make this list. To make it on the list you had to have played at least 30 games total and been active in the last 15 days.

Full List:

Congratulations to atomictom, InigoMontoya and Antonis_xania for making the dominating 12 though it should be noted that the first two players only appear to be new players. They have accounts that are older than the ones they are currently using.
Matty wrote:
I have given you your proper title, congratulations again!

I wait for Vexer to give you the extra points for that game, or wait for Vexer to tell me to, as I don't know if that has happened already :)
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skarni wrote:
I didn't know there were extra points! I have not received them yet matty!

Many thanks for the title!
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Vexer wrote:
Thanks matty and congratulations Skarni. I have just given him his extra points. Thanks for the reminder.
skarni wrote:
Thanks Vexer! With this points, just upgraded to Colonel!
Llibertat Presos polítics catalans. Love Democracy.
Dferguson wrote:
I realize I'm not the best or most experienced on this site but I would love in on the action.