The current 12 best players on the site
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Vexer wrote:
The new dominating 12 list is out:

Only players who have been active in the last 15 days and have played at least 30 games are on the list. The really good news is that the number of players on the list has nearly doubled since October. The number of active players who have played 30 games is an important measurement of the success of the site.
For a full explanation of the list, see the first post of this thread.

And the new dominating 12 are:
nikeboix69, RedHot713, bluebird005vis, MuzuaneAskari, Matty, rogerfederer, faramir, maafi, sekretar, DragonOfTheWest, Thorpe, oliver

The dominating 12 championship game will begin in a few days, this will be the link:

This time it will be an 8 capitals game (at the request of nikeboix69) on the world expanded map.

Some of you might have noticed that some of the top players are missing from the top 12. That is because they haven't been active enough. They have either gained no points or lost points since the last update so they have been left out of the dominating 12 this time. I did this to get more fresh faces in the top 12 and to encourage the top players to play more games. GenghisKhan recently said to me, "You're not the best if you don't play."

Matty wrote:
Wow, im part of the D12 o_O
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dragon007 wrote:
at first i couldnt find myself on this list, but i've been like playing a month now...
and i noticed im ranked at 114: dragon007, out of 400 players i think thats nice ^^
marcoxa wrote:
i somehow went down a dozen spots after winning twice as much games as the last one update and gaining 2 ranks. :/
MadMerlin wrote:
I am interested if I rank sufficiently high. I am at 34 on the list but If you don't ask you don't get so i am up for it if possible at present but I am getting the hang of this game now

MuzuaneAskari wrote:
I wait so much to play this Dominating12, and then it was just 4 turns :-(   (I guess that in cap games it should be fixed cards)

But at least I could enjoy your movement, Matty. Well played
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Vexer wrote:
We will have another d12 game in April. But it won't be caps. There is a reason why we have never done a d12 caps game before. But Nike, being such a likable guy, suggested caps so I let him have his way. But in the future it will only be deathmatch unless we have 2 6 player games and declare 2 dominators.

Congrats to Matty. He has been given the title of Dominator and has earned an extra 130 points.
killrick wrote:
i am hoping to get the chance to tear the dominating medal off of mattys dead body at the end of the next d12 game
i guess i havnt played enough games lately to qualify for a seat on the last game but i want in the next
how many do i have to kill to get a seat at the next game??
i want my d12 badge back!!!
Vexer wrote:
I think the next game will be based solely off of rank points and not skill points. You will need at least 300 points to get into the top 12 and a couple hundred more to guarantee a spot in the game.