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Matty wrote:
"Maybe I am just not as good as I thought."

I think you are a great player 1771. The problem is that when I started, there were like 10-12 really good (active) players, so it was always easy to make that list.
But now so many players have improved their skill, we have quite a couple of 'new' players that play live games 7 times a week, and even some of the old members coming back. So the competition is just alot higher.

I mean, Jaconan hardly made it in the top 20, and hes a really good player!
"Strength doesn't lie in numbers, strength doesn't lie in wealth. Strenght lies in nights of peaceful slumbers." ~Maria
Fendi wrote:
*The DXII Game for the October update is on*

Players in the game: Fendi, rogerfederer, 1771, nikeboix69, sekretar, Paddlin, killrick, Vexer.

Game link:

Spoiler (click to show)

Good luck!
Paddlin wrote:
Hey, how did you embed that "spoiler" in there? Also, why doesn't it say, "kill fendi?"
killrick wrote:
so in vexers list im # 2 overall and in paddlins and 1771's list i fall to tier 3
it is now obvious to me that i must win the d12 game AGAIN to prove that i dont belong way down in tier 3
tier 3 huh geeze i never!
Paddlin wrote:
Sorry Killrick. You are too selective with your games to be taken seriously. 

I have played nikeboix more times in the last month than I have played you in the last year and a half.

You are definitely number 1 in the peanut gallery.
Dsds7292 wrote:
I appreciate being 13th on your List Paddlin, but I am not sure I deserve it.
Thorpe wrote:
We have a "peanut gallery"? Wow learn something new each day!
95.5% of the time you kill a players cap before your 2nd turn in... you fail or die next
1771 wrote:
Congratulations Sekretar....No matter what I feel about the game, You are still a Dominator in my book :) Enjoy your title, your month of free premium.

You deserved to be there brother, maybe next time the dice gods will be a little more in the favor of attacker odds :)

I am certain I will see you there!
BrewDog wrote:
1771, how's you get those odds calcs? Congrats sekretar, see ya next time. Oh, Fendi, your spoiler was incorrect.
1771 wrote:
Here is where I get most of my odds.

There are a few other places, but personally I like this one for one territory against the next. However if you are sweeping the board then there are better places to get them. Here is one.
OldDogGen wrote:
so how do i get on this list? thought i could ve got there at least once since ive been playing here.
OldDogGen is online.
Dracarys wrote:
I will be in the D12 by November 2013. If not, I will cease all pranks and comedy.
Dracarys wrote:
You should also have a minimum games played factored into the formula. I find it suspect when one of the D12 guys (in early 2012) is almost a Basic right now. Unless Muzayne is stockpiling points and not ranking up. (Which would be awesome and amazing)
Vexer wrote:
yes, he has tons of points that he is hiding.

minimum games played is a factor, though it's one that I adjust often. I'm still working on perfecting this.

To be honest though, I think our entire rating system needs to be redone and be a modified version of the Elo rating system used in Chess.