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AlexCheckMate wrote:
Filled in some trees. Changed the title from The Gold Coast to Gold Coast.

As a local, we usually say we live on the gold coast, or The GC. Gold Coast doesn't sound wrong however..
similar to Philippines and The Philippines.

Spoiler (click to show)

100% view

Played/tested the game twice now:


I like it!
I think the distribution of regions and their boni is pretty sweet (good borders too - maths included).
Most of the routes are pretty straightforward, no real surprises.
Aesthetics are top notch imo :)

If someone wants another cool idea for a map..... here goes:

+ 2 more links/maps to get a better feeling of where Limburg actually is - in case someone doesn't already know so :p

;) Limburg - the Dutch part of it!

To make the Limburg map playable... I suppose some train stations should get placed, e.g. at Venray, Venlo, Weert, Roermond, Sittard, Maastricht, Heerlen (there are also in reality pretty big (relatively speaking) train stations there), to allow for attacking from 1 place of the map to another (as it'll otherwise just be 1 long vertical stretch...)
Could get more detailed maps of the area with more villages printed there - in case anyone is interested in trying to make a map out of it =)

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aeronautic wrote:
Wow so many good maps Hood.

Why not make threads for them and see what feedback they get to develop them?

There's Arctic Circle, Gold Coast and Axis & Allies, all good maps.... as you know, you'll need feedback on the game-play first.
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