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The_Bishop wrote:
Well...that was an interesting read....i am disappointed and a bit dismayed.  I came from another site (which is not functioning currently) along with a few others and quite frankly we are quite surprised on how sites differ in terms of the community and set up. We have been here for about 6 months.  There are many pros and cons and I hope to make suggestions here to improve the site here.

I agree the top players should be well rounded in their game play and are able to win against all levels of players from other top players to noobs. This farming for points or playing a narrow range of games to create a high score is fine.  Hey, if some players enjoy the same repetitive game, then go for it. 

However, for a true master, they do need to participate in tournaments but currently there is no incentive to play tournaments. (Sorry tokens are not an incentive especially for paying members...they are kinda worthless). So, at my old digs, our tournaments were tied to rating points.  Suppose you have 36 players in a tournament and each player donated 20 rating points.  The winner for the tournament will win 36 x 20 = 720 points! It doesn't have to be could be anywhere from 5 for short tournaments to 20 points for longer ones....up to the tournament organizers.  

This achieves two objectives:

1. It encourages all ranks to play with each other.

2. A true master at the game will come out on top. At my old digs, the top 3 players for the last 4 years were masters...consistently winning tournaments and having a score of 5000+ Those 3 top players were well respected and really super nice. Two of them took me in and trained me when I was a noob. (But that is for another post)

Now some of you think this is not possible under the current setup...yes it is...if the admin can manual adjust points now, then no further coding is necessary.  Once the tournament ends, only 1 admin goes in and takes 20 points from each contestant and transfers it to the winner....viola! Complete! That's how we did tournaments at my old digs. Works really well and everyone wins.  Players that farm points can continue to do that but eventually the true masters will come out on top. It's ready to implement if you want it.

Interesting proposal Periwinkle. However most (if not all) of top players like this format, one single game every month to determine who is the Dominator. I think Elysium is wrong, most of them would have no problem to join a 5-game tournament if we establish that format, but it is not the format they like. We tried some kind of mini-tournaments in the past and they were never that great imo. Also as a spectator I'd say that the single game is more appealing. Plus there's a 'timing issue', we want one Dominator every month (more-or-less) so any kind of mini-tournament will last for too long. So I think it will stay as it is.

You mentioned tokens not being a very interesting reward for winning tournaments, I must agree with that. So to have rating prizes -- ratings deducted from the losers -- it's an interesting feature, but I wouldn't apply it to the Dominator game. In fact it seems like you are referring mostly to standard tournaments, and in that case: yes, why not!
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periwinkle wrote: only referring to the tournaments not the dominator game. Yes...d12 could implement that now in additional coding required ;)
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bluebonnet wrote:
will the new month numbers for july be when you pull them friday or are you doing it based on scores as of 7/30?

either works of course. just curious about the data you are pulling from.
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Matty wrote:
will the new month numbers for july be when you pull them friday or are you doing it based on scores as of 7/30?

either works of course. just curious about the data you are pulling from.
The stats as he pulls them on friday.
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maafi wrote:
D12 game finally finished.
Congrats @slackbatter, dominator once again.
I’ll be publishing the new list in the next few days - time enough for you all to get some points on the board!
maafi wrote:
New D12 list:
Well done to all those who improved this month and I’m very, very disappointed in anyone who didn’t .Please don’t let it happen again.
slackbatter wrote:
We have a new D12 list:
Congrats to those in the top 12. It looks like we have some new names there. Also well done @AlexCheckMate on the very high rating!
The D12 game will be set up shortly.