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dough_boy wrote:
How long does the D12 game last? Why not make it where the list is generated Jun 1, game is played, winner is Dominator for July, etc?
dough_boy is online.
Hoodlum wrote:
i enjoyed hosting the tournament version from a spectators point of view. with the different formats.
anyone in the dominating game can win one game. did they dominate during the month getting into the game? that's questionable for some. and it doesn't interest me to see some easy point farmers, and one dimensional players earn the title.
did they dominate the tournament version, not as questionable. ya that player deserved it, in my eyes. :)

The_Bishop wrote:
You cannot predict the length of the match ,,,especially when there is someone leaving for camping in the middle of the game !!'''' (Look)
In the past there have also been mini-tournaments that lasted longer and in some cases the final was even suspended due to stalemates.

I have read many interesting proposals here on different aspects of the topic. For the format I would have my own idea (with a single game) but I'm fine with what maafi uses. However, the Hoodlum's format (suggested also by PC69) is interesting too, but, it seems to me a bit too complex, I would like better to stay on the single game: quick, simple and effective.

On the period lenght between two D12 lists I withdraw my proposal of the two months that nobody seems to like. However one month in many cases is too short (according to what reported by maafi), then it would perhaps be necessary to consider the option of 36 days (for those who love the numbers of Satan) or 40 days (for those who love the numbers of the Gospel of Christ). Once a period has been defined, I would make the system automatic as suggested by dough_boy, but the effect must be immediate: you cannot win the match in June and receive the title in July.

As for the extre score (in addition to the rating) for those who play with different modes (gametypes, game settings, turn lenght and number of players) it is very interesting, but I wouldn't know how it should or could work.

The proposal of Virtuosity on the previous page also remains in the field, in order to improve and enrich the information contained in the D12 list.
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The_Bishop wrote:
White smoke ! :o

  «Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum;
  habemus Dominatorem novum:
  eminentissimum ac reverendissimum dominum,
  dominum Puerum Difficilem, sancti loci "XII Dominantium" Colonellum Nonaginta Sex,
  qui sibi nomen imposuit Dominatoris ProblemChild96.»

Translated in English:
Congratulations to @ProblemChild96, our new D12 Champion.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
Ammazza wrote:
Congratulations to ProblemChild

(to slackbatter too, he didn't win only because he got stuck with 4 cards)
aeronautic wrote:
Trade 2 pairs instead of 3 cards, problem solved. :D
Congrat's PC
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maafi wrote:
I'll send out invites to the D12 game later. It will be DM on the NYC map.
maafi wrote:
I know a game has just finished and the crown has barely touched down on @alphax211 's head but I will be producing a new D12 list in the next few days.