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Hoodlum wrote:
You can watch the events of the D12 game here. Game 1061628

it was assassination.
the targets were
The targets were: slackbatter -> B4rny -> maafi -> Dima-> dimceto -> Joeyseven -> AlexCheckMate -> hooboy11 -> OldDogGen -> slackbatter.

God_of_War wrote:
And only a few more days before I publish a new D12 list

Someone asked on the Live Board about this ranking... this is the last message I see about a possible release of Sept ranking, or waiting until end of Oct now?
Hi there!
maafi wrote:
Oh yes! Thanks for the reminder :)
I’ll get the list done tomorrow.
maafi wrote:
Here's the new list - sorry for the delay.

Congratulations to all those who made the 12 and to everyone who improved their position on last time.

The D12 game this time will be DeathMatch on the Westeros map. I'll send out invites and set up the game.
The_Bishop wrote:
White smoke ! :o

  «Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum;
  habemus Dominatorem novum:
  eminentissimum ac reverendissimum dominum,
  dominum Salacem, sancti loci "XII Dominantium" Generalem Bacterium,
  qui sibi nomen imposuit Dominatoris slackbatter IX».

Translated in English:
Congratulations to @slackbatter, who won the Dominator title for the 9th time!
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maafi wrote:
Here’s the new list:
Congratulations to all in the 12 and anyone who’s ranking increased this month.
This month’s game will be a caps game on the World Double map. I’ll send out invites to the top 12 shortly.
Virtuosity98 wrote:
Wow, three first-timers in the top 12: ajsbus, Mdhaglund and God_of_War! :hand::hand::hand::hand::hand: Congratulations! :)
Unbelievable increases in the space of one month for ajsbus and Mdhaglund, incredible stuff! :oooh:
AlexCheckMate wrote:
How do you pick the D12?

Read this page:

If it remains unclear, please speak up again.
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