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Hoodlum wrote:
Tournament #42 has started!

For the first time 12 players - according to rating and availability
Format - 4 player caps x 1 game / 6 player assassination game / 8 player domination & deathmatch games (x2)

Covers all the game formats, plus tests your skills against different # of players.

Current Dominator @alphax211


Follow the tournament here

Points are earned per opponent beaten of each game

Capitals 4 players = 3 points
Assassination 6 players = 5 points
Domination 8 players = 7 points
Deathmatch 8 players = 7 points

Good Luck
Dima wrote:
Hey Hooodlum,

in future I would like to be included in the dominating12 list, but i dont want to participate in the dominator tournament. I simply dont like and not familiar with the settings.

So is it possible to exclude me from the games, but not from the list?

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oliver wrote:
History is not complete. Old domintors are angry, we don´t exist :'(
AlexCheckMate wrote:
gratz ODG, first entry for the tournament (according to the stats - maybe some also before? dunno) and immediately succesful ^^
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Hoodlum wrote:
watching dominator games played out in fast forward.. using playback tool. doesn't work with cap games or assassination

Game 973639 - @Dima (domination)
Game 973636 - @Hoodlum (domination)
Game 973637 - @slackbatter (domination)

Game 973642 Draw (death match)
Game 973640  @Jonathon (death match)
Game 973641  @OldDogGen (death match) [image] Won bonus points game 973633

youtube (click to show)
ProblemChild96 wrote:
Wow it's kinda weird watchching it play that fast after taking a every other day or so
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maafi wrote:
I’ll do a new D12 list soon.
Do you want to revert back to a single game or continue with the 12?
ProblemChild96 wrote:
I like the setup with 8-1v1 games and 4-9 player games (1 of each game type) best but it's a shame that only includes 9 players (especially because I don't expect to land in the top 9 on this months list)
Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak. "Sun Tzu - The Art of War"