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General_Ender wrote:
Macklyn and I are in.

Mediterranean, death match, cap at 15, chained, original dice, fog of war, advanced trade in. And we would like an advantages placement.
xueping wrote:
xueping and hshep33: Balkan Peninsula, Deathmatch, Increasing cards, chained, balanced dice, No fog
DreamStreet wrote:
Mistake (Please ignore this post), Didn't mean to post anything here.
DreamStreet wrote:
I need a partner, no newbie please
I'm in with whoever

You guys want to be partners? I'll put you down together. Please confirm, and choose settings and let me know!
DreamStreet wrote:
I think it will fill within the next couple months. Once periwinkle's tournament is done, we'll see a lot more people. Many players don't play multiple tournaments at one time.
DreamStreet wrote:
can we play? Me and KC321 as teammates, please.

You're good to go. Make sure you choose your home map and settings!
gameplayer wrote:
please count us in game player and richerich. Home map alatanis, death match capped 10, fog of war, advanced cards
many thanks
Irob wrote:
Abs and I would like Europe 1814 with the standard settings

Deathmatch, increasing cards, chained, consecutive, original, no fog, no advanced cards
Irob is online.