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cody224 wrote:
Waka left the site awhile ago so he wouldnt be able to do it. Hopefully we'll get some players who are good at photoshop and they can make a new map.
Shortnbus wrote:
How about a map of Canada. You could break the different regions that give you bonuses by provinces. Then break it up by using major cities, e.x. Ontario with, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener Waterloo, Ottowa, Thunder Bay, Sault St Marie. Something along those lines.
Pntbttr wrote:
I think somebody should make a map around the Mediterranean Sea.
cody224 wrote:
I also like the idea of a "Pirate Map", that would be a great map to play on and it was also be very unique.
I don't think CC, or any game site has something like that.

You could also have Bonus's being Pirate Ships. The map could include famous pirates like Blackbeard, Captain Kid, and Charles Vane. Or you could also add some just as famous Privateers, such as Henry Morgan, Francis Drake.

Each Pirate would have their own Island with Treasure, and if you own all the islands you automatically win the game. Or the Islands could hold some value like extra troops per turn, or something like that.
Then to make the map look better, you could show each island with the box of Treasure on it. And so that you will have an abundance of Territories, you could add small ships or vessels beside each Pirate Ship.

To me this by far would be the best map on Dominating12. I would gladly make this map, but since I have no Photoshop skills whatsoever, I don't think Im up for the job. But anyway, I think its a great idea, Maybe someone like Vexer or Glanru will use this idea for their next map.
Vexer wrote:
even if you don't have the photoshop skills, you can get the map started by drawing a diagram and labeling the ships and islands. The hardest part of making the map is figuring out the game play and the connections between territories. If you get all that figured out then someone will be more likely to do the photoshop part for you.
I think it's a great idea and I know that you know risk strategy well enough to create a awesome map.
ikenslay wrote:
I would love to see a Lord of the Rings/Middle Earth map. If I knew how to make maps I would go for it, but I don't.
AngusJustice wrote:
great map just a thought Cheers!http://landgrab.net/landgrab/MapBrowser
Vexer wrote:
I have looked at their maps. they do have a few good ones but a large number of them are crap. It's doubtful that any of their authors would let us use their maps on this site as well. they are probably very devoted to their own site. also most of their maps would need some modification e.g. adding territory names directly on to the map.

But if you like one of the maps, go ahead and ask its author if he would be willing to have it on this site as well. he or she will need to create an account over here and start a thread for their map so others can comment. Then Lucide and I will look at it to make sure that the map conforms to dominating12's standards and make suggestions if necessary. While landgrab has no standards for it's maps, dominating12's standards are quite high so please only ask about professional looking maps that have good game play. The ratings they have on their maps will help you to know if the game play is any good. Also, some of their maps say landgrab directly on it so it's doubtful that those authors will want to put their map on any other site.

Angus, did you have a specific favorite map that you would like to see over here?