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wca wrote:
Do you have a cool idea for a map but don't want to be the one to make it?
Suggest it here, and maybe some mapmaker will like your idea and create a map with it.

I will try and keep this first post updated with a complete list of all the suggested maps.

Map Ideas:
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Skittles wrote:
Austro-Hungary Empire! Bonuses are divided up to the general nationalities spread throughout the empire, with natural borders blocking ways (like the Danube)
4myGod wrote:

Is this the Austro-Hungary Empire you are talking about?
4myGod wrote:
Yeah I love Africa. I wouldn't mind having an Africa map. If anyone is willing to make it.
wca wrote:
I'll do it.
This castle map is going very slow. Africa should be very fast.
4myGod wrote:
Sounds good. I certainly have a new respect for map makers. I spent 2 full days working on that korea-japanese map and didn't finish it. I stopped though so I can get these new game types up.
xerogathe wrote:
two words....
that would be an awesome map to play :)
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4myGod wrote:
Yeah we really need some people with photoshop skills to turn these maps into game reality
Glanru wrote:
I had a dream the other night of playing this game but with a map that looked just like the layout of a house. Rooms were areas for bonuses much like a continent would be on the world map. And key areas of a room were like territories such as a coach in the living room, or refrigerator in the kitchen. Hallways and bathrooms were used to connect some areas that would otherwise be too easy to defend. The map was sort of an L shape with two main doors acting as territories that were connected with a dotted line to connect the living room with the family room at opposite ends of the L.