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periwinkle wrote:
Hello D12! 
If you haven't noticed already, I am a team game player. I do play the occasional singles game, but I much prefer team games. I would like to make some suggestions that would help more people appreciate that team games involve some pretty cool and different strategies, and outside of the box thinking. With that said, I find the current setup to playing a team game not very supportive to subsequent teams that join. (refer to my other post https://dominating12.com/forums/2/general-discussion/3607/team-game-invitation)

Here are my suggestions (keep in mind, I am not a programmer and I really have no idea if this is possible to do in the current code)

1. When a player joins a team game, a pop-up window could appear and give players a CHOICE of which team to join instead of join order. For example like this:
Why is this important? My teammates are from different time zones and it is difficult to join a game within seconds of each other to ensure we are on the same team... which makes it difficult to challenge other teams unless it's a private game. Even better a reservation system...which I'm sure requires even more challenging coding.

2. A "Team Turn" similar to a "My Turn" in the active list game. It promotes the idea that communication and an overall team strategy is key to winning a game and not just individuals who happen to play on the same team.

3. Changing the shape of the troop counts...ok...this one is really a far stretch....but hey, maybe one day?
Currently, the troops are in a circle. Perhaps just for pairs, each team has the same colour BUT different shapes, like circles and squares?
Teammate 1 would pick the team colour and teammate 2 will just follow suit. This way it is VERY obvious that you are in a pairs game and that you ARE able to reinforce and fortify your teammate. It would make planning and overall team strategy easier for everyone! It also may prevent/reduce accidental friendly fire, which has definitely happen to me! If this is feasible...maybe pick triangles for triads and diamonds for quads? Just a thought

This would be my wish list. It would definitely make team games more enjoyable for everyone. One advantage of playing with other players is it actually improves your gameplay as a single player. The more people you play with as a team, the more you get to know your teammate's style of play, their thinking, their logic....so when you are faced against them in a singles game....you are in a better position to predict their moves or motives. Risk is very much of a game of pyschology and strategy with a bit of luck. More importantly, you get to know other players in a different level and some good camaraderie can develop.

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The_Bishop wrote:
Well, I think there are many important suggestions for improvements in Periwinkle's post.

Thanks first of all and I'll give my short comments below:

1. Yes, I think it is how Team games have to be set up. Reservations can be made by a team password.
Some limitations should apply, like let's say if one fails to form their team in 1 week then s/he gets kicked off; or something so.
2. Yes, I'd love it. We use the second person actually, example:
Your team's turn -- Your team is next -- 2 teams before yours ... It would be very helpful for me!
3. Nyes, I would prefer that each player keeps his own unique colour and players in the same team share the same counter shape. This would match finely with our team icons [you can actually use icons instead of letters in the ingame 'Players' tab] so like: A=airplanes (triangles), B=bombs (circles), C=cups (squares), D=diamonds ( " ). Either way I think we would encounter several graphic issues with shaped (non-circular) markers, so basically I think it's No, but the idea is nice.

The most important thing for me is to make Team games more recognizable and I'm glad to see that all Periwinkle's suggestions work for that result. In practice almost everybody of us has joined a team game once or twice by mistake, and especially newcomers for which that mistake is really common. Winning games, against people who don't know they are playing a team game, is so easy and trivial that I wonder what is the sense of it. However this last sentence is a different topic not strictly related with the improvements suggested.
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The_Bishop wrote:
In practice I have to send a message to my teammates every time just to tell them 'Hey guys it's our turn, come to team chat please'.
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein