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CheekyTeeky wrote:
What do people think about Donald Trump as president and his agenda? Do people feel that this is impacting other countries in any way? Just curious...
You have a keen military mind Pod...
farspaceplace wrote:
I actually dont think Trump is all bad, (i rooted for Hilary btw). I realize this can draw a lot of flak, but his political agendas such as:

 The wall, bashing China for their trade practices, and also the EU for their higher import tariffs and less payment to NATO, trying to act tough against certain other heads of state (even though he flip-flops here, but thats common in politics), and other areas are understandable, even if I not fully agree on how he implements them.

Even the areas where i clearly disagree, such as his support of NRA, the oil/coal industry and withdrawal from the Paris agreement are understandable as many people in the US support that, and Trump actually just responds to what his voters want/care about.

What i certainly dont like, is the fact that he (seems to) actively encourage polarization within the US, and his undermining/dismissal of institituitions, such as FBI, the media, the UN and basically everyone thats not agreeing with him.

I live in Denmark and tbh, so far we havent felt any signigicant impact from his presidency. Of course the actions of a superpower like USA will always impact the rest of the world. Theres a lot of grumbling for sure, but nothing really overly pronounced so far in the daily business as usual. 

I dont support him, but hey. In honesty i think Bush the younger was worse, even if he was more well mannered.
dough_boy wrote:
Right or wrong he is my President. I didn't vote for him (actually have never voted for one of the two primary candidates ever).

But as far mentioned, my biggest beef with him is his lack of decorum when it comes to the office. He has more important things he should focus on than insulting everyone and their mother.

If things stay as they are now he will win again. I fully expect however that by this time next year the market will tank. You will see large institutional investors taking their profit and moving to cash. Then when the market starts dropping, everyone else will as well. People will stop spending their money. Businesses will be forced to lay off, etc. And we then have a new recession which will be blamed on Trump.

If it happens early enough then we will see people think "hey, I am not better off than 4 years ago (even though it was a good 4 years)" and will start looking at other "qualities" between the candidates at which point his personality will doom him.

The Dems had better hope that RBG can stay on at least through this election. If not he will be the first to have 3 vacancies to fill in decades...and could possibly get a 4th if Breyer can't hang on. This could give the conservatives a 7-2 split on what shouldn't be a political institution.
Stratosphere wrote:
He is really making life harder for. us people in Iran, and I really see what he did to JCPOA is not only an international crime, but also serious crime to humanity. people die here because they can not buy medicine necessary for treatment of special diseases like thalassemia or hemophilia or cancer, just because European pharmaceutical companies don't like to trade with Iranian parties, afraid of sanctions imposed by Donald. and this is just a sample of his moves that makes me see him like a criminal in the game of politics which he is playing in the international community.
He is just a worthy businessman who doesn't care about other humans on the planet.
I believe he is not the true face of the US nation and american people. I believe every human has the right to live in peace and happiness, and governments are not allowed to impose injustice on the people of other countries. I wish US, and every country, a president who is not seen as a criminal in the eye of people of any nation.
Dima wrote:
America does seem to profit a lot from the current internation order. It has its roots in the bretton woods system and served to build an international alliance to battle the soviet union.

Soviet union is gone and the current russia is demographicaly and economicaly weak, it has lost of its former territory, its military is weaker than in the past, parts of the populations live in poverty and they increasingly start to oppose putin. Russia is close becomong a 3rd world coutry. Its not an adversary for america. America has troops deployed all over the russian western border and its enough.

Much of the current world order has its roots in the past, in the times of the cold war. These times are over, new challenges emerge for america and therefore it becomes increasingly desinterested in supporting this old order; america now looks into other directions.

It wants to bring china down, prevent it from trasfering its economy, keep it out of south china sea and reasure its own control over the western pacific.

You can disagree - especially as a chinese, european or iranian - with his foreign policy, but it makes sense.

Even if you get a new democratic president, he or she wont change this foreign policy direction. People like warren seem to have a similar opinion regarding american foreign policy as trump. Dont think there will be an american comeback.

Btw, what about the mainstream media and its hatred against trump? I always watch videos on youtube by an american schoolar who says that the mainstream media are hijacked by the far left and are increasingly loosing credibility and trust among the us citizens; is it true?

From what i read the dem candidats are idiots and have no chance against trump; what do u say to this as an american?

Dima is online.