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Cireon wrote:
Much improved.

Can we get somebody to take a stab at the capital locations perhaps? That tends to be a pretty good indicator to see if the gameplay will work out
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bmalisewski wrote:
Yeah will do. Somehow overwrote the changes I made yesterday, so re-doing those and then will take a stab at caps
bmalisewski wrote:
Someone told me to work on the capital locations a while ago and definitely should have listened (might have been you Cireon). Good step to identify how to the map should improve. Realized the islands needed more connections, and added a few bridges to help it.

The other challenge was the lack of connection on the right side of the map, was feeling a bit like dead space, particularly when it came to capital locations. Being someone who enjoys the golf courses around Seattle, I added in 6 of them to function like the airports in NYC - all of them are connected. Will update mini map once the flow is finalized, but wanted to get some initial feedback here before going further. Base map, and capital locations 2-5 embedded below.


Hoodlum wrote:
yes, capital selection is very useful in development of a balanced map for gameplay i have found. not just for capitals games, but for dm games. it's a good step to figuring out where connections, extra territories etc might be needed.
i haven't got too much time to analyse what you have changed, but it is in the right direction. gameplay first.