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aeronautic wrote:
Definitely better over the sea. However, as you stated, it's a tight fit... perhaps it could have overlapped the connection line, but the alternative of Papua sits a lot better.

My suggestion would be to either move Iryan Jaya to the right (over the connection line) or replace it with Papua.
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The_Bishop wrote:
This map is also very nice and fun to play. The geographical accuracy is not very high, however it is definitely acceptable for a game map.

What I would like to criticize is the title. Asia ranges from the Dardanelles to the Bering Strait (from Turkey to Kamchatka for instance). This map is half of Asia at most. Not a big deal, however if one day someone wants to create a map of all Asia then how to call it ?
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I think the title might be: "Southern Asia" or "Main Asia"...
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maafi wrote:
I think the area is the Indian subcontinent + Southeast Asia.
South Asia would cover it.
The_Bishop wrote:
+ China area also.
This map is India + China + Indochina + Indonesia.
Actually the Indian area is named South Asia, the Chinese area is named East Asia, while Indochina and Indonesia form the Southeast Asia.
So what is the correct title? I don't know honestly, but when I read "Asia" I feel like it's too much.
Maybe some original title can be used like: Asian War or Eastern Conflict.
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