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DreamStreet wrote:
Hello D12 Community,
This is my second tournament that I will be running here on D12, and I am excited to announce to all of you that this will be based on the format of the FIFA World Cup, if any of you watch that and know how it works.

Tournament Prizes (click to show)

Current Standings:

Criteria in Determining Group Standings (Tiebreakers): (click to show)

Group A:
1. @jfults @begold 6pts (+2)
2. @Ryomyr @Rcomer727 5pts (+2)
3. @blfingerhut @Train 2pts (-2)
4. @General_Ender @Macklyn 2pts (-2)

Group A Games: (click to show)

Group B:
1. @ENGELBREKT @clarkenfeld 6pts (+4)
2. @DreamStreet @KoE_Doja 6pts (+4)
3. @MarshyMotty @Abs 6pts (+2)
4. @JEM @FELT 0pts (-10)

Group B Games: (click to show)

Group C:
1. @bradyq @kramerq 9pts (+8)
2. @dark_star @YouratRISK 6pts (+2)
3. @richierich @gameplayer 3pts (-2)
4. @bilby @thedougabides 0pts (-8)

Group C Games: (click to show)

Group D:
1. @Irob @Rockbert 5pts (+2)
2. @ungoliath @Barbaro 3pts (0)
3. @paceme @Temul 3pts (0)
4. @ThickTalon @pygmyhippo277 2pts (-2)

Group D Games: (click to show)

Group E:
1. @Deepdaleduck @huskers01 7pts (+6)
2. @SHJENKE @SN007 4pts (0)
3. @notoriouspat @KC321 3pts (-4)
4. @calebdecker @Great_Kabuki 3pts (-2)

Group E Games: (click to show)

Group F:
1. @Beav14 @DRoy20 7pts (+4)
2. @goryh @Dogbreath 4pts (0)
3. @hooboy11 @dough_boy 4pts (0)
4. @Tennesseelogman @Bluegoetz 1pt (-4)

Group F Games: (click to show)

Third Placed Ranked Teams:
1. @MarshyMotty @Abs 6pts (+2)
2. @hooboy11 @dough_boy 4pts (0)
3. @paceme @Temul 3pts (0)
4. @richierich @gameplayer 3pts (-2)
5. @notoriouspat @KC321 3pts (-4)
6. @blfingerhut @Train 2pts (-2)

Round of 16:
Match 49: @ENGELBREKT @clarkenfeld 3-3 @hooboy11 @dough_boy (0-4 caps.) (United States)
Match 50: @jfults @begold 2-4 @dark_star @YouratRISK (a.e.t) (World Modified)
Match 51: @Beav14 @DRoy20 4-0 @richierich @gameplayer (New Zealand)
Match 52: @ungoliath @Barbaro 1-3 @SHJENKE @SN007 (Falkland Islands)
Match 53: @Deepdaleduck @huskers01 1-3 @MarshyMotty @Abs (Balkan Peninsula)
Match 54: @Irob @Rockbert 3-1 @goryh @Dogbreath (Brazil)
Match 55: @bradyq @kramerq 4-0 @paceme @Temul (Switzerland)
Match 56: @Ryomyr @Rcomer727 1-3 @DreamStreet @KoE_Doja (Great Britain & Ireland)

Match 57: @hooboy11 @dough_boy 4-0 @dark_star @YouratRISK (Great Britain & Ireland)
Match 58: @Beav14 @DRoy20 2-4 @SHJENKE @SN007 (a.e.t) (Switzerland)
Match 59: @Irob @Rockbert 2-4 @MarshyMotty @Abs (a.e.t) (Falkland Islands)
Match 60: @bradyq @kramerq 3-1 @DreamStreet @KoE_Doja (Brazil)

Match 61: @hooboy11 @dough_boy 3-1 @SHJENKE @SN007 (United States)
Match 62: @MarshyMotty @Abs 0-4 @bradyq @kramerq (United States)

Third Place Match:
Match 63: @SHJENKE @SN007 3-3 @MarshyMotty @Abs (draw) (World Modified)

Match 64: @hooboy11 @dough_boy 3-1 @bradyq @kramerq (Balkan Peninsula)


Champions: @hooboy11 @dough_boy (3700 tokens & 700 points per player)

Runners Up: @bradyq @kramerq (1700 tokens & 300 points per player)

Third Place: @SHJENKE @SN007 & @MarshyMotty @Abs (550 tokens & 100 points per player) - Agreed to End in a Tie and Split Prize
jfults wrote:
I am in with begold. My preferred colors are black or red. I'll let begold tell you his. And I'll go ahead and send you more than enough tokens to cover both our entry plus a donation. Thanks, DS!
jfults is online.
Irob wrote:
rockbert and I are in. green for me and red for him please. tokens sent
Irob is online.
begold wrote:
Jfults already signed us up, but my color preferences are red and cyan. Thanks Dream!