36 players, varied settings with increasing cards.
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PippoCalogero wrote:
Congratulations to Maafi and thanks to The Bishop for the nice tournament (although I preferred the last year conclusion...)
The_Bishop wrote:
Yep, the tournament is not over yet, but I was going to make some calculations... I think we have a mathematically guaranted winner, indeed, and not sure about 2nd and 3rd, which are also honourable placements. Of course to be the Mediterranean Summer winner for 2 years in a row would have been reeeally nice, but unfortunately didn't happen... I'm disappointed for you Pippo!

As usual, as I have seen in other tournaments, Maafi starts bad and then makes great comebacks in the final. Well... Congratulations!

Last games in progress are the following:
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
The_Bishop wrote:
Ouch... I missed the exact time of the summer solstice that was this morning at 5:32 in central Europe.

Well, Happy Summer everybody !! :)
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
The_Bishop wrote:
--- Final standings & prizes ---
Mediterranean Summer 2021

1st = @maafi6+6+5+6 = 23 ...< [image] >... 13,025 tokens
2nd = @PippoCalogero6+6+4+3 = 198,683 tokens
3rd = @tonik116+6+6 = 184,342 tokens
DreamStreet4+6+6 = 16
IsolatedBadger4+6+6 = 16
God_of_War6+6 = 12
TimTheGreat6+6 = 12
Abs231+6+3 = 10
Banaan4+6 = 10
The_Mad_Beaver6+4 = 10
1949midden4+6 = 10
Mdhaglund5+4 = 9
Rockbert6+3 = 9
Jimi6+3 = 9
GM_Archiee5+3 = 8
vodkamikebid5+3 = 8

Congratulations Brigadier General @maafi: a nice performance and a great come back !
Thanks everybody for joining and see you next year. :)
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein
maafi wrote:
Thanks Bishop :blush: and thank you for organising the tournament.
I like that my 4 wins were 4 different game types.
I’ll be donating my token wins to future tournaments :)
The_Bishop wrote:
Ah wait, I forgot to mention:
thanks to all the token donors -- you can find them listed on the first post -- especially @1949midden for the big donation, well and @maafi also, but actually he took back half of what he donated! :D Hahaha.

@maafi, I didn't notice that: one exact win in each gametype, how cool. Nice!

So, once again: "bye bye all, see you next year"!
«God doesn't play dice with the World» ~ Albert Einstein