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Jimi wrote:
Nice tournament as usual

“While you were so busy forcing me into a boner, you forgot you were committing one yourself.”

Whisp wrote:
Thanks for great tourney Hood. Pls sign us up for next one.
alphax211 wrote:
Thanks hoody for a great tounament. Please sign us up for the next one.
Hoodlum wrote:
01. Team Sagittarius @Hoodlum @NineLives
02. The Boys @dough_boy @hooboy11
03. Transmogrifiers @elysium5 @maafi
04. Team Swedes @Whisp @Salander
05. The A Team @Riskk @alphax211
06. Clans United @GM_Archiee @KoE_Doja
07. TennesseeBlizzard @Tennesseelogman @Blizzard
08. HutTrain @Train @blfingerhut
09. TigerPride @calebdecker @Great_Kabuki
10. Blackbell @Black_Death @mononbell
11. Drobe @Droy20 @Beav14
12. JustKilling @Jimi @k0canada613
13. TenDayWarriors @RedArmy @simomosi
14. CoCal @coco @dwcalvert
15.Cheek of the Devil @Sygmassacre @CheekyTeeky
16. Domination INC @Huskers01 @Deepdaleduck
17. The Clarkes @Clarke @Clarkette
18. mxDev
19. @Vizago40 and @none123
20. @Privy14 and @Rollover
KoE_Doja wrote:
in please hoodie , do not have a partner will partner with any single that signs up also or if you know of someone looking for a partner

KoE_Doja is online.