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Hoodlum wrote:

Round Robin of 2v2 games. 24 teams (Play every Team). Each win is worth 1 point
1x 2v2v2 game worth 2 points
1x2v2v2v2 game worth 3 points

All games played simultaneously. Total of 25 games.

Entry Condition. Played at least 50 games. Played Team games & have a Good attendance score

Basic Points Info (click to show)

Token Prize

10,000 1st place
5000 2nd place
2000 3rd place

*All players are added manually. There will be time extensions for first turns once all players are aware that the tournament has started.
Hoodlum wrote:

Seeded Teams based on combined points.

Bumble Bee @Henris_1 & @Kyla          
Schalke Temeto@guill111n & @Albert Einstein   
petaculetes @paceme & @descarado        
Epic Lazers @lazer36 & @4960epic        
Cheek of the Devil @Sygmassacre & @CheekyTeeky 
League of shadows @Jimi & @OldDogGen      
Transmogrifiers@maafi & @elysium5       
DOMINATION INC @huskers01 & @Deepdaleduck    
THE A TEAM @Riskk & @alphax211         
Calvary Knights @dwcalvert & @TP_Knighty    
RollingMasters @dough_boy & @momagajic     
Luck & Logic @Blackshirts & @MuzuaneAskari   
Lone Survivors @andymech & @KOE_Lone      
PatheticTrick @BARLAK & @Tzor         
The Crusaders @johnnybto & @markdeli      
Serbs @ryter & @misteryforall          
Smash & Grab @Vicious & @Davor         
Holy Rollers @JeopardyTempest & @ruffrider   
Fire & Dice@Hoodlum & @ThinaYima        
Zone Legends @DRC_SHOOTER & @KOE_Doja
919's @mnmmnm9 & @nadroj19      
Onyx @Squash & @shadowclaw78          
TRI STATE @Calebdecker & @Great_Kabuki      
TEAM X @pekiha & @jamesbob           
dough_boy wrote:
I will play if there is someone who needs a partner (and will be around for all games)
dough_boy wrote:
Done deal. Hood put mom and myself on a team. Mom you can create the team name.