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Dumpy wrote:
I am in. Going to try and recruit a teammate but if not then i will pair with whomever.
Hoodlum wrote:
only 18 games to go.

2 teams finished all their games.
next tournament will be same format, except going to stick to 1 map for the multiple 2v2 games i have to make, to make it easier on myself with the easy duplicate game tool in the tournament settings...
any suggestions for the following maps?

1 map for all the 2v2 games.

2 maps for the 2v2v2 games

2 maps for the 2v2v2v2games

i'd like to keep the card settings ascending for the 2v2v2 & 2v2v2v2 games to keep the tournament going. but will do a NO CARDS for the 2v2 game.

balanced dice / regular dice?
fog or sunny.

will go with the majority vote over the next days or until i start creating this tournament.

taking names

1 Sagittarius @Hoodlum & @NineLives
2 Clans United @KoE_Doja & @RM_REP
3 @vorple
4 @Tihi & @roki
5 @Dumpy
6 The Boys @Dough_boy & @hooboy11
7 @simomosi @RedArmy
8 The A Team @Alphax211 & @Riskk
9 Tramsmogrifiers @maafi & @elysium5
10 Domination INC @Deepdaleduck & @Huskers01
11Team Swedes @Whisp & @Salander
12 Knights of Empires @KpE_KittyKat @Drac
13 @catpere

dough_boy wrote:
I am sure the Boys will be back to defend.

I personally like fog in the multiple games.
alphax211 wrote:
Alphax211 and Riskk please

The format of where the best teams go next round then finals of the top teams would be interesting
huskers01 wrote:
Hey I've noticed a mistake in the current leaderboard. The boys were credited with a 2v2v2v2 win that Kocanada and Alex won. So the current standings are not correct. Just to let everyone know. The participants sheet is correct
elysium5 wrote:
Yes, congratulations and we will do our best to make sure we don't have to say that again;)
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huskers01 wrote:
Thx maafl, Elysium. I'm sure you will as will every other team. . Dom Inc Is definitely in to defend. Thx hoody for another great tournament. There is still a tie breaker for second place. Thx to all the team's that joined. Good luck and have fun to all in the next one. We're waiting for you..
AlexCheckMate wrote:
There is still 1 ongoing game: https://dominating12.com/game/921833 - but its result won't change the outcome for the winners for this tournament - gratz Domination Inc!

Personally, I've enjoyed the tournament a lot, it was a new experience to play so intensively with a partner in so many games. So much to think about and make plots for, then again... I could imagine my partner k0canada613 may have had moments where he thought I spoke too much :roll: especially in the 2v2v2 FOG games. I however think it is fair to say that Birds of Paradise have built a nest and are waiting for the eggs to hatch =)

Thanks everyone for participating, without great opponents, the tournament wouldn't have been much fun either! There's been a number of games in which unexpected rolls/cards/strategy led to unexpected results :D

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Jimi wrote:
Pairs tournament is the most fun one between all... Thanks hood

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