also troop amount selection options bug fix
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scaevola wrote:
How about removing the 40-point penalty for resigning when there are only 2 players remaining? If I have absolutely no chance of willing, I would like to resign, congratulate the winner, and not waste our time playing out a hopeless endgame, but the points penalty will keep me plodding along to the end.
TFSpock wrote:
We wouldn't want people abusing it though. People might just resign to help/spite another player. We already do see people resigning games as soon as they lose hope of winning (as you mentioned), so imagine how it would be if there is no penalty.
Vexer wrote:
The 40 token penalty has been removed if the game is down to just two players.
darkstomr01 wrote:
I guess there is also a bug with using iPods because people from my school were being able to turn cards in twice by doing it on a laptop then on a iPod
AlexCheckMate wrote:

was just taking a bit of a stroll through the Glossary:


When a player is kicked (or resigned) his armies turn neutral. After each round the armies on all neutral territories are halved (approximately), until there are 3 troops left. The troops are removed in small portions after each player's turn.

I suppose this is no longer in effect? The troops of a player, on each territory s/he owns, turn neutral and get reduced to 3s (if >3) right after this player is kicked (due resigning).
So could probably be taken out of the Glossary, or see this line: "This setting is not available." added - as is present for many other terms in the glossary.

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Matty wrote:
Hmmm, that should work :3
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