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Admin wrote:
Colorblind Option

Thanks to a suggestion from Oxen and implementation by Matty, colorblind players now have a feature which enables easier discernment of troop colors. Simply hover your mouse over a territory and its color will be written above. This option can be enabled by going to "Account" on the top menubar, clicking "Account Info" on the left (where you edit your location or birthday), and then selecting yes next to "Color Blind Settings".

Troop amount selection options

Placing or moving very large numbers of troops used to create a lot of lag. The solution was to remove some of the selectable troop amounts from the drop-down menu using a complex formula. It only takes effect when working with armies greater than 200 troops, but significantly reduces lag when dealing with thousands of troops.

Resign Button

It is now possible for players to resign from games. Clicking the resign button will end your turn if it is currently your turn, though you do not need to use it during your turn. A white flag will appear next to your name and your next two turns will be skipped automatically. This is so players still have a chance to get your cards. After your two turns are skipped, your troops will turn neutral and you will die. Players may surrender after round 4 in 2-3 player games, and after round 3 in 4-9 player games. This is to prevent players from resigning because they don't like their starting positions.

Resigning will cost 40 tokens per use. Players who resign will lose the same amount of points, but still gain the normal amount of tokens (20 minus 3 for each missed turn, including the two missed turns from resigning). If there is only 1 player left when you resign, then the game will end automatically.

Abusers of the button will have it disabled. The primary purpose of the button is so players don't have to wait for your turns to be missed if a live games goes too long and you can't finish it. There are a few other appropriate uses that will be spelled out in the rules the next time we update them.

Decaying Neutrals

At the beginning of each round, neutral troops will be cut in half until there are only 3 left per territory. The purpose of this feature is to minimize the impact of players who resign or quit, leaving large stacks of neutrals which can block or trap players. It is effective immediately in all active games.

Please thank Vexer for his implementation of the updated selectable troops, decaying neutrals, and the resign button.
ProfessorO wrote:
Are the colour blind settings only for paying member? I'm a free loader and I can't seem to make change the settings.
ProfessorO wrote:
ugh "to make change the settings" = "to change the settings"
Vexer wrote:
Yeah, some people report having trouble changing the setting. It works fine for all the programmers on all the browsers we have tried so we can't reproduce the error and therefore don't know how to fix it. I can manually change the setting for you.
Estrella wrote:
Hi, Good with resign buttom, can you implement a "REMI" button too, if all players press remi, than the game i suspended, with no points or tokens. Good for games that has come to a standstill.
robit wrote:
Very cool. Another option for color blind is to assign each player a symbol - circle, triangle, square, etc or something similar. Just another thought is all.
ZGreenfield wrote:
If you resign in a game, it should no longer count as an active game. Or have the option to come back if somehow you end up having time before the 2 turns are passed.
Vexer wrote:
You will absolutely never have the option to come back after you hit resign because that could be abused to trick players into not attacking you and attack the other player instead. The game still counts as an active game because the main purpose of the resign button is so that you can leave a game you don't have time to finish and not so that you can leave the game in order to play a different one.
kewilliams wrote:
Ok, so what this means is that you should NEVER join a game with more than 3 players because if it's a really slow game with 4 players each waiting until the last minute to play then it can take as many as 9 DAYS for that game to go off of the active list with 3 players left. It's still a max of 6 days with only 2 players left. I really favor having a waiting period of 2 or 3 days, no matter when the game ends rather than waiting for the whole game. There really needs to be better granularity for long games. 3, 6, 12, and 24 hrs, or AT LEAST a 12 hours option. Robit has a good idea for the colorblind, though, a symbolic "color" would be good and easier to assess quickly.
Vexer wrote:
You don't have to wait for the whole game to end; you just wait until you are dead. If you resign then it will take 2 rounds for you to die. If you have a premium account then it won't matter either. Hint Hint.
Matty wrote:
We are working on that, but it depends on how much spare time I can find to get it finished ;)
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