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Matty wrote:
Cool...last suggestion for me is could the custom game name be added to the turns module? 23456 (team game)
Not in the my upcoming turns module on the dashboard page.
And it does show the custom name on the other ones?

Edit Ah, no, it doesn't. Fixed that (needs to be released still).
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jr502 wrote:
On the new dashboard .... this is not really important (and it is already in the dashboard left sidebar and should stay there) but you could put "Add or change friends" red letter link just to the right of "Latest Friend Activity" -- it would be a nice place for that.

or...alternatively... a link to "friends online now"
Cireon wrote:
I like that idea. Not sure why I didn't think of it. Will keep it on my notes.
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jr502 wrote:
I have another thought about the dashboard. What do you all think about combining/merging this page into the dashboard?
Maybe there are things I have not thought about....and I am not a high-volume player, so I may not know how others use the invites page. But I like the idea of the dashboard containing all the top "go-to" items for the player. Without getting TOO cluttered...there's the rub.