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Madagascarter wrote:
This game is based of Mortal Engines but you don't have to read it as I will be changing names and the story a little so that you can't guess other players win clauses.

Flavour (click to show)

Key attributes of this game,
3 factions and neutrals, the third faction wanting to achieve Peace.
Each player has unique win conditions but some players have shared win conditions.
A Winter/ Summer day/night system
A money based system, which can either allow you greater number of votes or allow you to buy goods and services. (The majority of players will get 3 votes to either spend as votes or other items)
The dead can come back to life given the right circumstances and become a "Stalker". (A machine that revives a dead human, but often memories are altered. Put enough robotics in and the body and they are super human.)

Coin Allocation and Usage (click to show)

I’ll start when I get 15 active players. Chip might not count

Player List (click to show)

Sign up here and any questions here. I'll regularly be updating this post so be aware of that!
Madagascarter wrote:
For each person having a unique win clause what I mean by that is that each player will have 3 win clauses. To win the game all 3 win clauses have to be met unless nobody has met all 3 win clauses in which surviving players with 2 win clauses achieved win. For example a win condition could be

Defeat all the Tractionists
Personally Kill General Naga (either by voting him in a lynch and winning the lynch or via abilities, Stalkers or hire.)
Own 3 Stalkers

Other players might have one of win conditions, but you’ll be the only player with all 3 of those win conditions.
2ofclubs wrote:
I will be in the wilderness June 13 - 20. So probably not in but not Hard claiming.
Bluegoetz wrote:
A money based system

I don't like that right now lol; but I always enjoy your games, so yes!
Bluegoetz is online.
2ofclubs wrote:
All my friends/foes are playing :( oh well I will be labeled abnormally quite and lynched.
Madagascarter wrote:
A money based system

I don't like that right now lol; but I always enjoy your games, so yes!

The money will be quite different from normal. Each player's vote count starts at 3. If a player choses not to buy anything then their vote counts as 3, but if a player chooses to buy things, lets say makes a bid of 3 votes to buy a Stalker, then if the bid is accepted you won't get a vote that phase. If it is not accepted, then your vote will count as 3 and you'll get 3 new votes for the next day to either spend or vote with
periwinkle wrote:
I just realized I shouldn't be joining this game. I won't be available i think.  So im out :(
"Don't be a periwinkle" - Hoodlum