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Kyla wrote:
Mafia Signups!

This is a role playing game, not a risk game and everything will be done in a forum thread or by messages! No co-mod currently, message me if interested.

This setup will be easy so that newbies can learn the mechanics and how to play. Also for the veterans to relax a little! I will be creating the setup over the next week or two if anyone has a special request of a character, message me. Also I'm aware that I'm not the greatest mod and sometimes things slip so bare with me please. To join just say "Kyla is the best and I want to play" ^^

Here is a quick tutorial found by Hood -> Mafia vid.
Here are some extra mafia info -> D12 mafia.

UltrasPlot Rules (click to show)

Sign ups:
1. Virtuosity98
2. elysium5
3. AlexCheckMate
4. Hoodlum
5. Muzthebus
6. Sygmassacre
7. Anaxagore
8. Jimi

Virtuosity98 wrote:
To join just say "Kyla is the best and I want to play" ^^

If the entry requirements change let me know and I'll definitely join ;);)
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elysium5 wrote:
Kyla is the best and I want to play
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AlexCheckMate wrote:
Is it ok to be slightly creative?

Kyla is the best pastry chef and I want to play with her left thumb, while ravaging her cupcakes.
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AlexCheckMate is online.
Jimi wrote:
In please

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Virtuosity98 wrote:
Are people scared to join a game I am hosting ^^

Nah they're scared to join a game with me as a potential opponent B|

I'm wondering about paulcha, dough_boy, CheekyTeeky, and Mayba as potential players... :>
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- Hoodlum