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Glessesboy wrote:
Fair fair. And I really appreciate your opinion(s). I'm new at map design so I want as many feedback as possible.
I think the map would be great like this, because it resembles the Netherlands perfectly, I think. So I think the Dutch D12 user would appreciate it to.

So I will move forward with this idea.

Now is the question, what sort of map would be the most popular? Small map and number of regions (and territories)?
Matty wrote:
Most people play 2-6 player games. But then most maps are also for that size.

If you'd make a big 9 player map then that's something we don't have a lot of. Of course, fitting a 100 territories in the netherlands is going to be tough :)
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Virtuosity98 wrote:
The stretching of the dimensions to make it less scrolly is, in my opinion, undesirable. It just looks wrong. Being from the UK, if someone did that to the GB&Ireland map it would look seriously weird to me. I guess you should ask a bunch of Dutch people for their opinion haha :)
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Glessesboy wrote:
Fair fair, I think that for the Netherlands it's isn't as an issue as UK because of the length. But indeed some other Dutch people has to look at it. But how can I get people to look at it? Haha
Matty wrote:
You could try to cheat and make this a 3d-ish map. As in, you're looking at it from above (from a slight angle). It could work.

You get ppl to look at it by:
(1) progress a bit further - now there's not much anyone can say
(2) ask people in the live lobby chat
(3) ask (dutch) people you know from outside the site "if you would play risk on this map, would you mind the dimensions being changed a bit?"
"Strength doesn't lie in numbers, strength doesn't lie in wealth. Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers." ~Maria
TiePie wrote:
I cant see the images you want to show, am i the only one with that problem?
Banaan wrote:
Ik zou de map iets groter maken, zodat er meer territoriums, waardoor de map interessanter word, je kan ook meer details gaan gebruik, met revieren en bossen die ook weer voor grenzen kunnen zorgen. Je zou de Nederlandse Antillen er in kunnen verwerken. Maar ook zou je net als in de nieuwe map van het midden oosten, nieuwe manieren kunnen gebruiken om extra leger bonussen te scoren. Bij het midden-oosten kan je een aantal olie-boor landen veroveren, als je ze allemaal bezit, krijg je 1 -2 of 3 extra legers per beurt. In Nederland kan je dat met windmolens doen.

Maar de keuze is groot wat je allemaal kan toepassen.
Een grote map zoals Frankrijk, Texas, World expended, Italy vind ik persoonlijk erg leuk en er zijn weinig van zulke kaarten.

Verder het is je eigen creatie, succes er mee ziet er zo en zo al goed uit.
Vriendelijke groet Daan.

I would make the map a bit bigger, so that there are more territories, which makes the map more interesting, you can also use more details, with areas and forests that can also create boundaries. You could include the Netherlands Antilles in it. But you could also use new ways to score extra army bonuses, just like in the new map of the middle east. Near the middle east you can conquer a number of oil-drilling countries, if you own them all you get 1 -2 or 3 extra armies per turn. In the Netherlands you can do that with windmills.

But the choice is large what you can use.
I personally like a large map like France, Texas, World expanded, Italy and there are few such maps.

Furthermore, it is your own creation, success with it looks so and so good.
Kind regards Dan.

Glessesboy wrote:
I cant see the images you want to show, am i the only one with that problem?
Post of march is indeed unable to load, but the past two should be visible
AlexCheckMate wrote:
Hey Ruben,

I don't like the new maps which are still visible here. I preferred some of the other (which we can't view right now).

I like the way this looks:


Probably cut away the "stars" for cities and draw some borders here and there to add more territories and regions (I'd like it the best if you would get >81 territories).

Possibly add more of the overseas regions (Full ABC & 3S:

Love all the work and effort you've been putting on thus far; your dedication will make sure it'll be a complete success :)

I am an avid enthusiast for getting this map of the Netherlands live (& thereafter for some of it's provinces too?^^). I'll be very happy to think along on the map when you've settled on a good base map to work with and decided for yourself how you wish for the map to turn out (in general setup))

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Glessesboy wrote:
So can I assume that when the game is a bit scrolly that's no problem for the most of you people? Or is the stretching of the map not a big deal. I like the idea of adding the ABC/ANTILLES so that will happen and it helps a bit against the scrolling.

Love the feedback!! Keep on giving it! Thanks
Glessesboy wrote:
you're more intense than my teacher

Is that a compliment? Or hahahahaha
Glessesboy wrote:
a quick dwaring of the new map idea (click to show)
Glessesboy wrote:
Maybe you can add België and Luxemburg also to the map?
Maybe, the problem i find with that is that the map becomes to scrolly. and i want to avoid that